The 16 Weirdest Things Sold on the Internet

These days, the internet is absolutely rife with all kinds of products for just about any function or purpose. There’s no end to what you can buy yourself online in our modern digital world, and it’s safe to say that some unusual items have made their way into the e-commerce realm.

So, what are some of the strangest things you can buy online? Here’s a selection of some of the weirdest things sold on the internet.

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Roll

Ever ran to the toilet in the middle of the night only to find yourself almost going blind when you turn the light on? Well, fear not. Now, you can buy yourself fluorescent toilet paper so that you can do what you need to do without flipping a switch.

You can find this product on a number of different sites, and, though it’s certainly pricier than regular toilet paper, it may certainly come in handy during those 3 A.M toilet visits.

2. Finger Chopsticks

Many of us like to snack while we’re gaming, working, or simply killing time on our devices. But eating food with our hands while also handling tech can result in the build-up of a lot of grease and grime, especially in keyboards and controllers. So, what’s the solution here? Well, you can leave the snacking for another time, or you can grab yourself some finger chopsticks.

Finger chopsticks allow you to pick up smaller snacks like chips, nuts, candy, or berries while you use your laptop, PC, smartphone, or other device. They’re both useful and affordable, and can help you keep dirt away from your expensive tech.

3. Haunted Items

If you’ve ever watched a paranormal movie, you’ve probably heard of haunted items. Well, if you happen to believe that items can, in fact, become haunted, then the internet may be of service to you.

While you may wish to steer clear of all things haunted, you could, on the other hand, find such things very interesting. So, if you want to grab yourself an allegedly haunted item, just hop online, as there are plenty to choose from.

Sites like eBay are particularly rife with haunted items, so take a look at what you can find if you’re interested in finding yourself a paranormal product.

4. A Dinosaur Taco Holder

There’s nothing worse than putting your taco down and having everything inside fall out. But sometimes we need a break from our feasting. So, if you’re looking for a solution to this problem, and your aesthetic tastes are a little quirky, consider getting yourself a dinosaur-themed taco holder.

Or, as you may have noticed in the image above, a dinosaur-themed nacho holder might be more up your street. Either way, it’s a fun way to store your food while you’re at the table.

5. Someone’s Face on a Pillow

There’s plenty you can do to decorate a pillow: add sequins, patterns, tassels, or any other kind of cute accessory. But someone’s face? Apparently so! In recent years, this quirky gift idea has become very popular, with people using pictures of their friends, relatives, and pets as a sort of quirky keepsake.

Whether you want a big statement piece, or a smaller addition to your couch, one of these personalized pillows can be both memorable and amusing for you or a loved one. Even big online stores like Etsy now offer such a product, making it easy to access.

6. A Yodeling Pickle

This one doesn’t have much of a practical aspect to it. Rather, this product will only be of use if you want a pickle that yodels. After all, it’s a yodeling pickle. It’s not entirely clear how or why this product came about. All we know is that it might just make you laugh, and you can buy it quickly and easily on Amazon.

7. A Squirrel Finger Puppet

Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory, and definitely a little weird. However, if you’re looking to entertain a child, keep a pet amused, or just want to get yourself something unusual, a squirrel finger puppet could be for you.

8. Shower Head Speakers

Many of us love to listen to something in the shower, be it music, podcasts, or similar. But technology and water don’t exactly mix, and totally waterproof speakers can sometimes be pricey. So, if you want to listen to audio up close without risking water damage, consider buying yourself a shower head speaker to jazz up your daily wash.

9. A Beauty Product Fridge

These days, skincare routines are all the rage. But not all products are the same, and some are better off in chilled environments (especially those that are 100% natural and without preservatives).

This is where beauty fridges can be of help. These mini refrigerators can keep your skincare products chilled right in your bedroom or bathroom for total convenience. You can find them on many sites today, including Amazon.

10. Lobster Claw Oven Gloves

While a pair of lobster claw oven gloves won’t make cooking any easier, it might just spice it up a little. With this hilarious accessory, you can grab whatever’s cooking in the oven with style.

11. A Money-Eating Coin Bank

A little creepy, right? Well, regardless of its appearance, this quirky little money bank with literally eat any coins you put in it. While this may not be for everyone, it certainly is an interesting little product that can make your saving habits a little more interesting.

12. Floor-Cleaning Slippers

Getting tired of mopping the floor? Worry not, you can now do so while you walk around your home. With mop slippers, you can give your floors a little TLC while getting other things done. We can’t guarantee that they’ll be as effective as a mop, but they might just help you keep things a little cleaner during your busy periods.

13. A 3D Shrek Lamp

When you think of buying a lamp, it’s unlikely that Shrek will come to mind. But nonetheless, you can now buy a 3D Shrek lamp for your home. Whether you’re a parent, a long-time fan, or just want something to giggle at, this quirky Shrek lamp could make an intriguing addition to your dwelling.

14. A Bob Ross Chia Pet

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Well, if you’re a particularly avid fan, and have a knack for gardening, you could consider grabbing yourself a Bob Ross chia pet. This funny little product will let you grow Bob’s famous afro in the form of a chia plant. They’re easy to look after and look nothing short of hilarious. You can now even grab one on Amazon.

15. Samurai Ice Lolly Molds

Who needs regular ice lollies when you can have them in the shape of a samurai sword? Over the past few years, funky icecube trays and lolly molds have become pretty popular, so it’s no surprise that you can now even buy samurai molds for your frozen treats.

16. Unusual Sodas

While most of us enjoy some kind of soda, flavors like sweetcorn, bacon, and grass aren’t exactly commonplace. But you can, in fact, buy yourself such outrageous sodas as these online. You can even grab yourself a ranch dressing-flavored soda if that’s more up your street.

We can’t promise you’ll like them, but it’s safe to say that trying any of these weird sodas would be something of an experience.

The Internet Is a Weird and Wonderful Place for Shoppers

There’s no denying that you can now find some truly weird things online, with the list above covering just a few of the hundreds of unusual products out there today. So, if you’re in the market for something quirky, the e-commerce realm will certainly not disappoint you.


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