The Basics of Internet Safety and Security for Older Adults


Thanks to today’s technological advances and the relative ease of getting online, we can learn new things instantly, check the weather, re-connect with old friends, and check our bank account statements all in the comfort of our own homes. Older adults have discovered that this ‘new’ technology is able to enhance and simplify their lives. Yet may not know that a lack of awareness of the hidden dangers that lurk in – email, browsers, and the smartphone – can cost them dearly.

Loss of retirement savings and worse – identity theft – can result from a lack of cyber awareness. We will address these issues in this 2-hour program designed to identify the dangers and provide older adults with the tools necessary to navigate the digital world safely.

This program is presented by The Prescott Computer Society (PCS). The Prescott Computer Society has been serving Prescott and the surrounding communities since 1988. Our focus is on Microsoft Windows PC-related computing and the Internet, plus helpful hints and tips designed to keep you safe in cyberspace. This is an in-person program with a Zoom option. Registration is required to attend on Zoom.


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