The Burger King VMAs Moment That’s Taking The Internet By Storm

On Sunday, August 28, Burger King showed up at the VMAs in a way you’d likely never expect. According to Yahoo! News, rapper Latto donned a metal crown with a Burger King crystal centerpiece during a performance of her hit song, “It’s Givin.” Designed by celebrity jeweler Laurel DeWitt, the crown also included red, green, clear, and topaz embellishments as well as the rapper’s 777 logos.

Shortly after the performance, Burger King posted a video on Instagram of Latto sitting on a throne while wearing the crown. “To all my kings and queens, and everyone in between, it’s time for you to embrace your royalty,” she begins. She ends with, “let’s get ready to rule your beat,” which seems to be the slogan of the new BK campaign. The video was posted alongside a caption from Burger King: “[Latto] said it best, do what you do best and #ruleyourbeat by living your life to the fullest, unapologetically your way.” Are you excited for this latest celeb-fast food collaboration?


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