This Mans Moonwalking Skills Underwater Has Left Internet Floored

Watch: This Man's Moonwalking Skills Underwater Has Left Internet Floored

Jaydeep Gohil has taken the internet by storm with his dance moves

A man’s smooth moonwalk upside-down underwater has left the internet impressed. The video which went viral recently features a dancer grooving to the beats of ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson. The man named Jaydeep Gohil has taken the internet by storm with his perfectly executed dance moves performed underwater.

The man named “Hydroman’ of India” by social media users has won hearts on the internet with his energetic dances on popular numbers in the past as well. Along with the video, Mr Gohil wrote, “For my audience who wanted to see my version.” He can be seen performing the moonwalk on the billiard table and then flipping upside-down to do the same.  He can be seen dancing without any oxygen cylinder.

Check out the video here:

Posted on September 8, the video has garnered over 8 million views, 818,339 likes and several comments. Social media users are appreciating his talent and many also said that King of Pop Michael Jackson should’ve seen it, he’d be impressed with his moonwalking skills. A user wrote, “The deadliest moon walk i have ever seen, just blown my mind.” Another user commented, “ The great thing is we can see the smooth moon walk upside down.. The hidden thing is : The efforts, the trials, the failures and finally you made it possible… good to see someone actually doing different.” “This is the real moon walk,” the third commented.

This is not the first time Mr Gohil has performed underwater. In another video, Mr Gohil was seen performing underwater on the song Infinity by Jaymes Young.

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