This video of two people dancing on empty street wins over internet

Dancing is considered one of the purest expressions of joy. Often videos that show an individual or a group of people dancing freely win over the internet. A similar video that shows two people dancing on an empty street is going viral.

The undated video was posted online by Twitter user Prerna Maheshwari (@prernadaga21) on September 5, 2022. The video, which appears to have been shot from a terrace or a balcony, shows a young man and a girl dancing together on an empty road in the middle of the night.

The identity of the dancers in the video is unknown. This 16-second video has so far gathered over two lakh views on Twitter.

Commenting on the effortless dancing in the now-viral video, a Twitter user wrote: “I don’t care if they’re brother-sister or just lovers. The spirit of joy is all that matters here. A lonesome street to dance upon on..quite poetic.”

Netizens also speculated that the pair might be making a dance video of their own when they were recorded. Echoing this thought, a Twitter user wrote: “Look around carefully, someone must be shooting a reel for them!”

Another person speculated, “May be practicing for some dance event. We too used practice at night in our colony.”

This is not the only dance video that has gone viral this year. Earlier in July, a video of a man named Ramesh went viral for his unique dance moves in public.


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