Town hall awaits internet connection

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Personnel have started to move back into their offices at town hall.

They are waiting for a South Carolina contractor, who operates an office in Fayetteville, to reconnect the internet.

“Everyone, everywhere is behind right now, but we expect the people to be here any day now and return our internet,” said Town Manager Jammie Royall.

Town hall has a new look after renovations to repair damage from a Labor Day fire.

The mayor’s office is now beside the town board of commissioners’ conference room, which has undergone an expansion.

A small visiting area is at the entrance.

Royall hopes operations at town hall will resume this week.

The September fire, started by a faulty electrical outlet, destroyed the town clerk’s office. Adjoining offices endured smoke and water damage.

ServePro handled cleanup and reconstruction, which cost approximately $175,000.


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