Twitter goes berserk with memes as Internet goes down

Yet another meme fest is around the corner as Twitter Town unleashes its humor following the brief internet outage. After all, it has become a core Twitter tenet that memes come up whenever anything goes down. Several parts of Pakistan experienced internet outages as a result of heavy rains and floods. Soon after, the connectivity was restored and the internet problem was fixed in all the areas. However, that did not stop the deluge of memes on Twitter, and we are not complaining. Read along to enjoy a dose of hilarious memes.

Internet down

Memes All The Way

Twitter is not a stranger to memes. In fact, it has become the major source of memes that you cannot mention one without the other. The very same memes were the instinctual response of Twitter to the internet outage that was experienced in several parts of Pakistan including the capital, Islamabad, and the eastern city of Lahore, due to the heavy rains and floods that hit these areas. Although the connectivity was hindered for a good majority of users, some also reported that Jazz, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications provider was up and running throughout the outage.

For now, let us focus on the flood of memes and responses on Twitter in response to the internet outage.

Late realizations be like

And the marathon commences

Talk about Jazz supremacy

Jazz users had the last laugh this time

Now that is not odd at all

Perhaps it times to change loyalties

The pain



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