Uniglo (GLO), Internet Computer (ICP), And Filecoin (FIL) Will Show Use Case Tokens Are Market Leaders In The Upcoming Bull Run

Use cases. Value propositions define the digital assets that survive and thrive versus those that die. Bitcoin was the first update to accounting technology since 1494 and double-entry accounting, Ethereum was the first blockchain with smart contract capability that birthed the entire realm of decentralised finance allowing permissionless financial services, and USDT was the first fully collateralised stablecoin that digitised dollars. These large-cap crypto projects provided value, and value will always drive price long-term.

Investors should invest based on value. The next bull run will be dominated by tokens with genuine use cases, and Uniglo (GLO), Internet Computer (ICP), and Filecoin (FIL) will be at the front of the pack.

Uniglo (GLO)- Value Backed Digital Currency

Uniglo, a new Ethereum-based social currency, offers the solution for storing value. Investors have been forced to choose between fiat and digital assets. Fiat since abandoning the gold standard in 1971 has seen its purchasing power eradicated, and digital assets have experienced violent volatility for the past year. GLO is a value-backed currency, leveraging buy and sell taxes to fund vault acquisitions, and the Uniglo Vault will house a blend of digital and physical assets.

These assets give GLO an intrinsic floor price and allow the token to benefit from general economic growth whilst hedging against the poor performance of any particular market sector. GLO is a single token representing a managed and diversified investment portfolio that blends wealth preservation with growth speculation. 

Internet Computer (ICP)- Global Computing Platform

The Internet Computer Protocol is one of the most ambitious projects in the digital asset space. It aims to create a limitless blockchain-based decentralised network environment for smart contracts. Internet Computer represents the infrastructure that allows DApps (decentralised applications) and smart contracts to be implemented on a mass scale and run at web speed. Aiming beyond the application and data storage layers, Internet Computer seeks to create the entire internet stack on the blockchain.

Launched by the Swiss non-profit organisation DFINITY, Internet Computer has plans to change the entire blockchain industry, morphing the public web into a blockchain-driven global computing platform.

Filecoin- Tamper Proof Decentralised Storage

Filecoin is a decentralised storage system that allows humanity’s most vital information to be stored forever on the blockchain.

Due to the natural immutable characteristic of the blockchain, information stored on the blockchain cannot be tampered with, and Filecoin have allowed data to be stored in a peer-to-peer manner. By default eradicating the greatest flaw of cloud storage companies- the centralised point of failure. Filecoin allows data to be stored more securely and in greater quantity. The need for an authentic record of history grows more pressing with the current global trend of declining levels of democracy. 

Closing Thoughts 

The utility will always drive value, and strong value propositions are the greatest drivers of growth. As the digital asset space matures, it will only be the projects providing genuine value to the sphere that flourish, and projects must have real-world use cases to succeed. These use case tokens will dominate the next bull run, and all three projects mentioned in this article have the potential to change the space permanently.

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