Upcoming rockstar conner and “the internet” are beefing

There’s a new up-and-coming rockstar amongst us, and he goes by the name of conner (yes, all lowercase.. it’s not a typo). A hip-hop/pop-punk hybrid that seemingly came out of nowhere in the middle of 2021, conner’s signature sound features grungy guitar beats with a mix of rock and electronic drum kits. His single “bite the bullet” grew increasingly popular, putting him somewhat on the map — thanks to the internet. But with his latest track, Conner is here to declare beef with the online space. Enter “the internet”, his new pop-punk banger.

The track is nothing short of an anthem if we’re being honest. It’s well written, with the classic anger of pop-punk fuelling the vocals, and the guitar chords match the mood exquisitely. While taking his anger out on all things digital, he takes a break to switch to a more hip-hop feel — but then we go right back to angry punk. But his message is on point, and so is the way he gets it across. As a big fan of pop-punk bands, this is one track I could get used to. And although you found out about it via the very source the artist is mad about, I’d suggest you give it a shot too.

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