UScellular offers internet access to nonprofits to close “homework gap”

Access to reliable internet connectivity causes a divide between youth who have access and those who do not. Currently, 35% of low-income households lack any access to broadband service at home. This leads to an issue known as the “homework gap” among students who lack internet access.

UScellular has launched the After School Access Project, a program that provides free mobile hotspots and service to nonprofits that support kids after school and provides safe internet access for homework and education. Through the After School Access Project, UScellular has pledged to donate up to $13 million in hotspots and service to help up to 50,000 youth connect to reliably connect to the internet in the markets the company serves.

Hotspots are stand-alone wi-fi networks that can wirelessly connect multiple devices at once and are a vital tool for students to access the internet, study and complete homework. The hotspots provided through the After School Access Project connect to UScellular’s network and provide high-speed connectivity for youth while at an organization.

To date, UScellular has donated more than 3,800 hotspots at a value of $3.7 million to its communities through this initiative. Eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply by clicking here.

“The success of students in the communities we serve is very important to us at UScellular,” said Josh Olbricht, UScellular’s director of sales for eastern Iowa. “Connecting people and communities is our mission, and the After School Access Project is just one way that we’re helping ensure students have the reliable access they need to grow and pursue their dreams.”


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