‘V is coming’ trends on Internet as Vogue Korea’s editor confirms collaboration with the BTS star

Yes, V X Vogue is finally happening, and fans can’t wait for it. For the unversed, this will be V’s first solo magazine photoshoot and this is the reason this news has taken the Internet by storm. For the unversed, on August 27 KST, an Instagram story was posted by Vogue Korea’s fashion director Eunyoung Sohn that hinted about a possible photoshop with Kim Taehyung. 

The post was deleted later on, but BTS ARMY was quick to take screenshots and make speculations that V would be gracing the magazine soon.  

Recently, Kwangho Shin, Vogue Korea’s editor-in-chief shared a glimpse of the upcoming photo shoot with the perfect caption ‘V is coming!.’ In the photo, there is a beautiful, closeup shot of V’s face and he is looking handsome as always. Editor and fashion director Bebe Kim revealed that V will feature in the October edition, and shared the same photo on Instagram. 

Vogue is a popular lifestyle and fashion magazine and is a one-stop destination for beauty, entertainment, fashion, and beauty content. 

Fans can’t wait to grab the October edition of the magazine as Kim Taehyung will feature in it. 

BTS members are currently busy with their solo projects. RM, the leader of the K-pop group BTS was seen in Balming Tiger’s classic song Sexy Nukim. 

J-Hope has released his second album, Jack in the Box. Jin is busy attending movie premieres, and Suga made everyone go crazy with his moves in the song THAT THAT with PSY. Jimin is currently working on his solo album, and Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, also known as the ‘Golden maknae’ has released solo songs with BTS. 

V has also been really busy with his solo endeavors. He also attended CELINE’s fashion show in Paris in the month of June. 

Although they are busy in their solo activities, BTS is all set to rock the stage with their free concert in Busan in October. BTS ‘free concert in Busan is a part of South Korea’s campaign for the World Expo 2030. 


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