Viral: Server Picks Up Dozens Of Plates Effortlessly; Internet Reacts

Those who work in the hospitality or food and beverage industry understand how much pressure it can be to serve customers and have their tables clean quickly. And if any server takes time, the customer may leave the restaurant. While this is a common sight worldwide, we sometimes don’t understand the hard work that a restaurant’s staff and servers have to do. On some occasions, the personnel at the restaurant go above and beyond what is physically possible to pull off some incredible feats.

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Recently, a waiter’s spectacular act has caught the attention of social media users. A man is seen lifting over a dozen plates at once in a viral video. In the video, posted by Twitter user ‘Overtime’, we see a server with dozens of plates on a tray. He picks up the tray carefully and walks into the restaurant to serve the food to the customers. As he walks, he can also be seen crossing several stairs and picking up a mini table from his other hand. Watch the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 6.2 million times, has 22.8K re-tweets, and 201K likes. After the video of the waiter went viral, many people commented on it. Check out some of the comments below:

“Other than not paying him enough, here is the main problem with this – he doesn’t need to do it this way. Jeez, just bring the orders out 3-4 plates at a time. It’s easier and prevents spectacular accidents en route. Who is he trying to impress?”

“Something tells me the customer requested it all be carried in one go. And might pull some reason like ‘he set it down with help, and he shouldn’t be setting it down with help’ just not to tip the guy generously.”

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“Now, this is a waiter that I would tip. I was worried for them plates, boy!”

“Man is working for people who don’t care about him.”

“Why not just make a few shorter trips instead of risking all that cooking time and food just to look cool?”

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