Washington County Government Experiences Internet Outage

HILLSBORO, OR — Washington County’s internet services are down and officials are not sure when they will be back up, officials said Wednesday. The issue started around 9 p.m. Tuesday, they said.

The outage is the result of a hardware issue and not a malicious attack, the county said in a release.

While county websites are offline, officials said that email and phone continue to work.

“The public’s patience is appreciated while the county continues to address the website outage,” the county said in a statement. “There is no estimated time for these web-based services to be back online.”

In it’s statement, the county said that while many of its web services are down, there are other ways to reach government offices.

Public Safety and Justice System

  • If there is a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1. The non-emergency number is 503-629-0111.
  • For services such as arrest status, jail bookings and others, please call 503-846-2700.
  • The internet systems at the Washington County Circuit Court continue to operate. For more information, call 503-846-8888 or visit their website, which is still working.
  • For Community Corrections community service payments, call 503-846-3500.
  • For questions about making payments for traffic violations or other Justice Court matters, please call 503-846-6600.


  • For questions about scheduled pick up of garbage and recycling, please contact your hauler or call 503-846-3605.

Code Enforcement

  • For questions about building or land use code violations in the unincorporated area, please call 503-846-3874.
  • For questions about noise or nuisance properties in the unincorporated area, please call 503-846-3605.


  • For restaurant inspection information, please call 503-846-8722.

Building or Land Use Permits

  • For questions about building permits and building permit payments, please call 503-846-3470.
  • For building inspection requests, please call 503-846-3699.
  • For land use permit questions in the unincorporated area, please call 503-846-8761.

Property Taxes

  • For questions about property tax payments, please call 503-846-8801.

Additional information about how to access Washington County services by phone can be found in the attached documents or by calling the county’s main phone number at 503-846-8611.


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