Watch: Bullet Train Serves Food At A Restaurant; Internet Is Divided

Just thinking about machines taking over humans gives us the chills. But many people across the world are experiencing it already. While we have seen several jobs being taken away by machines, there are some things we are still used to being done by fellow humans; for instance, serving our food in a restaurant. Indian restaurants still offer experiential dining where food is served by waiters with whom we can also interact. But looks like people in some places are already moving on and adapting to newer technologies in the food industry. 

Not too long ago we came across a report informing about robots serving food in a hotel. While we were taken aback by it, this report about food being served by a ‘bullet train’ is no less surprising. A video on Instagram shows how a micro bullet train moves around and delivers the orders to the customers on their seats. 

Watch it here: 

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The video shows customers seated around a large oval table in a restaurant. The table top already has the track laid out for the train. We see a micro bullet train running and stopping right in front of the customers who get up and pick up their order from the train’s carrier trailing behind. As the train senses that the plate is Loaded off, it starts moving further and takes a U-turn back.  

The double-decker table also has a level below with a revolving belt taking the food around. But seeing a bullet train-shaped machine serving food order is quite eye-catching. 

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No wonder the video post got more than 70 lakh views, over 68 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. 

While one user wrote, “Honestly speaking, this level of automation haunts me. It feels much better to be served by a person,” another user was quite impressed and wrote, “wow fantastic restaurant.” 

A user also commented, “Kills jobs but at the same time the thought of getting my food served to me via a little train makes my monkey brain go ooh ooh ah ah.” 

Do you want your food served by a machine or a person at a restaurant? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  

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