Why the extinct ‘Tiktaalik’ fish is the latest funny internet meme

All sorts of different things can become viral memes.

Funny celebrity moments, TV show scenes, silly TikTok videos, random photos, the list is endless.

Just about anything can be turned into a meme by internet users, and the latest thing is a fish.

Yes, a type of fish called a ‘Tiktaalik’ is making everyone on social media laugh. Here’s why…

What is a Tiktaalik?

Let’s start with the basics, a Tiktaalik is a monospecific genus of actinic sarcopterygian. Wait, what?

Without the scientific animal jargon, that basically just means extinct fish that lived about 375 million years ago.

It’s similar to a tetrapod, which were four-legged amphibians and reptiles that could live both in water and on land.

Believed to have lived in modern day Arctic Canada, the Tiktaalik had scales and gills, like a fish, but also had a flattened head and four legs.

Its fins had thin ray bones for paddling like a fish but its body also had sturdy interior bones, allowing it to walk in shallow water.

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Why it’s a viral internet meme

The extinct Tiktaalik is the latest viral internet meme as social media users are blaming the animal for our entire existence.

If you look back through evolution, Terapods and Tiktaalik moved out of the water and onto land.

Nobody really knows why that was, perhaps to find more food or escape predators, but these fish moving onto the land is what paved the way for millions of the species’ we see today.

Many of the vertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals that we know of are descended from an animal like the Tiktaalik, even humans.

So, if the Tiktaalik had never moved onto land, humans might have never existed, and we would have avoided all of the horrible things that exist, like the Covid-19 pandemic, and World War II, and cleaning the bathroom.

Social media users are holding the Tiktaalik accountable for our mundane lives, and it’s totally hilarious.

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Funny jokes flood Twitter

Over on Twitter, people have been sharing funny memes about the Tiktaalik for years.

It never should have left it’s primordial soup.

Kicking that Tiktaalik away.

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People really hate that fish.

The Tiktaalik is our distant ancestor.

This fish really blew it for the team.

Thanks Tiktaalik, thanks a lot.


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