Why You Have No Internet Connection and How to Fix It

Losing your head over your lack of internet? Canstar Blue looks into why you have no internet connection, and how you can fix it.

With how much hinges on having fast internet, losing that connection to the world can be incredibly frustrating. The intricacies of the World Wide Web, and how it is accessed can be tricky to say the least. Fortunately, Canstar Blue is here to unpack what could be the reason behind you not having internet, and how you can fix it.

Is your internet provider down?

The first point of call if you can’t get access to the internet should be to check if your provider is down. As NBN users can especially attest, individual internet providers can experience outages, and this is obviously at no fault of any individual household. 

The simplest way to understand if this is the problem at hand is by checking if multiple devices are unable to connect to the internet. If this is the case, head to your internet provider’s website, or any of its mainstream social media outlets. Usually at least one of these will list if a network outage has occurred. If the provider hasn’t made any mention of an outage, there are a plethora of external websites that list any network outages, such as Down Detector or Is The Service Down?. 

Is your modem/router the problem?

If your provider hasn’t made any mention of an outage, the problem may be lying within your modem, router, or modem/router. Sometimes the device may need to take a breather, so make sure to turn it off, and unplug it from its power source for at least ten minutes. After this break, turn it back  on and allow for your devices to reconnect. Check to see if all the lights on your hardware are up and running. If your devices still have no internet, the problem will need further investigation.

Is the position of your modem impacting connectivity?

The range of your modem/router may not be as strong as you think, so bringing the device closer to where your other devices are situated could bring connectivity. Even if this isn’t the solution for now, this will ultimately improve the strength, and potentially speed, of your internet connection. 

Is your device the problem?

If most of your devices are connected, but one pesky phone or computer isn’t, that individual device may be the problem. If this is the case, always start by turning the device off and letting it sit for a couple of minutes. Turn the device back on after this period and allow the device to connect to the internet.

You can also double check the connectivity and internet settings for your phone, tablet or laptop to make sure it’s connecting to the right WiFi network, that WiFi is enabled, and that there are no other obvious issues preventing you device from connecting. If this does not work, your telco provider may need to step in.

Have you contacted your telco?

There are countless methods of tinkering you can do with your modem, devices, and otherwise, however the most time and energy-efficient method is to get into contact with your provider. Generally, a live-chat service is an option with internet providers, however if that isn’t offered, a telephone extension is a sure thing.

What can you do while waiting for service to be regained?

It may take a while to get a response from your internet provider, which means getting a makeshift connection can be necessary. 

Hotspot from your phone

The obvious option is to use your personal hotspot from your phone. This involves going to Settings, Mobile Data, and then Personal Hotspot for iPhone users, or by simply swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping Hotspot for Android users.

Hotspot from your modem

Some modems have the ability to emit a 4G hotspot, however this is only possible through a selection of models. The process for turning this mode on will differ for each model also, so head to the manufacturers’ website for more information.

Compare NBN plans

If you’re looking to buy a new NBN modem, you might want to switch NBN plans. You’ll ultimately want to sign up to a BYO modem NBN plan, unless the provider you sign up to has the modem you want. The below tables show a range of NBN plans and providers. Switch between the tabs to compare plans on different speed tiers.

Unlimited Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) Plans

The following table shows a selection of published unlimited Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost (excluding discounts), from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

Unlimited Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100) Plans

The table below shows a selection of published unlimited Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100) plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of monthly cost, from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

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