Wrestling Talent Who’ve Used The Internet To Elevate Themselves

Pro wrestling is a job predicated on blood, sweat, and tears, and Casanova Valentine has certainly put an emphasis on the blood. The self-proclaimed Hipster Heartthrob was looking for a way to stand out and elevate himself, while also indulging in the things he loved. An artist at his core, Casanova opted to combine pro wrestling and his painting into a hybrid wrestling art show. However, this wrestling wasn’t conventional even by hardcore wrestling standards, in that there was no ring to speak of. As elaborated on via a VICE mini-documentary, this gimmick allows for not only increased audience interaction, but heightened violence as well. This documentary would help Casanova expand his reach to more casual fans online, creating an influx of new supporters. 

It wasn’t too long before more and more online fans were exposed to, not only the VICE documentary, but the eye catching GIFs and clips of his work he would share as well. Casanova has a definite understanding of how to make a wrestling event feel like a wild party, a tone that definitely extends to his social media presence. From his one of a kind promos to the custom artwork he’d often post to promote his shows online, the man is definitely a social media machine. The gimmick has definitely gained traction online, garnering increasingly bigger name competitors and increased attendance as well. By simply presenting his honest self online, blood and scars included, Casanova has definitely made a sizable connection with online wrestling fans, especially ones with a fondness for old school hardcore wrestling. 


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