Year-round, seasonal Lincoln County residents encouraged to take internet speed test

By Jalen Maki

Tomahawk Leader Editor

LINCOLN COUNTY – The Lincoln County Broadband Committee is continuing to encourage county residents, both year-round and seasonal, to take its internet speed test.

Earlier this year, the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors formed the Broadband Committee, made up of Supervisors, Information Technology (IT) and Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals and members of the public. The committee was created with the goal of gaining a better understanding of the county’s broadband needs and the resources available to develop broadband access in the county.

The test, made possible through funding from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), was launched after the formation of the committee and is designed to help identify which parts of the county have sufficient internet access, which areas have limited access and which areas have no service, a release from the committee said.

The test can be found on the Lincoln County website at Through the test, county residents can measure the speed of their internet connection or report an area that has no internet service.

The committee said it will use the data gathered from the speed test to “map out the most economical installation of internet connection equipment and facilities that will cover the entire county.”

“People who have no internet service are crucial to this effort in order to eliminate dead zones and spotty coverage spots,” the committee stated, noting that those with no service at their address can access the site through any public library computer or record their lack of service using a cell phone with an internet browser.

Residents are encouraged to both assist neighbors with less internet experience in taking the test and remind seasonal neighbors to participate, the committee noted.

“It does not matter if people live in Lincoln County one month per year or 12 months per year,” the committee said. “Getting the ‘middle mile’ equipment installed throughout the county is important for all residents.”

The committee said that although the test will be available through the summer, residents are encouraged to take the test as soon as possible because a large portion of the installation effort is dependent on American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.

“The sooner the county committee has information for the majority of the county areas, the better the odds of getting more outside funding for the project,” the committee stated.

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