‘Yelling Girl’ meme explained as Internet has had enough of it already

A new meme that shows a girl yelling into a boy’s ear, dubbed as the counterpart to the famous meme about a man shouting into a woman’s ear at a nightclub, has gone viral and the Internet is tired of it already.

Memes have become an important part of the Internet culture. People have been using it to express anything and everything.

While some memes never get old, Twitter users seem to have had enough of the new meme that’s also called “bro girl” or “girlsplaining.”

Although it found its way into the Internet in 2022, it traces its root back to 2019. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Yelling Girl meme explained

As the name suggests, the viral meme shows a young girl screaming into the ear of a glum-looking young boy.

It has been trending widely on Twitter as of August 18, 2022, sparking discussions around its counterpoint, a man yelling into a woman’s ear at a nightclub.

The older meme called Guy Explaining was reportedly taken at Milk, a dance club in Edinburgh, according to Know Your Meme.

The meme soon became viral as people found it relatable and it has been relevant to date.

Origin of “girlsplaining”

According to Know Your Meme, the “yelling girl” is an Argentinian woman named Denise “Dinu” Sanchez.

The picture was apparently taken at a 2018 concert when she was talking loudly to her boyfriend, who was carrying a blank expression, with her one arm wrapped around him.

The popularity of the meme surged when people started circulating it as the female version of the guy explaining the meme.

Denise told Know Your Meme in 2022 that the original photo consisted of a group of people before her and her boyfriend, but, only the two of them became the focus and subject of the meme.

And, she explained that they carried a certain expression because they were exhausted and the party wouldn’t end.

Marriage | Trailer – BBC



Marriage | Trailer – BBC






Internet is already tired of it

It seems like the Internet has had enough of the yelling girl meme already.

One tweeted, “It’s this meme where a guy is like yelling int a girl’s ear and she’s super uninterested with whatever he’s talking about and people use it as a way to explain their niche personal passion and connect with other people who share that passion and we are a gender-reversed version.”

“Already sick of the girl yelling into the bored guy’s ear,” another wrote.

Seconding the above thoughts, another said, “Alright that’s quite enough of the girl yelling in the boys ear memes. It’s tired already.”

Another tweet read, “Over the girlyelling meme now. I’m not reading all that”

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