Yuma County’s new project to give communities reliable high-speed internet

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY-TV) – The new Yuma County broadband project is officially underway

And will help all the communities within Yuma County have stable internet access. 

This project will bringing bring fast, reliable and affordable internet services to locals across the county.

And specifically, in San Luis, the city says it’s an underserved community so this project will make a big difference. 

The Yuma County broadband fiber middle-mile backbone project will connect different communities within Yuma County with about 140 miles of broadband-backbone. 

Jenny Torres is the economic development manager for the city of San Luis and is on the Yuma County broadband committee.

She says the city of San Luis will benefit greatly from this project as they are they are an underserved community with unreliable internet access. 

((take sot/ jenny torres/ city of san luis economic development manager))

“Yuma County allocated about 25, 24 million dollars into the project. ALLO company was contracted to do the middle-mile and as part of the overall project, ALLO also submitted an application on behalf of the city of San Luis to which they got another 10 million dollars for to bring broadband to the city of San Luis,” said Torres.

One San Luis local says his home does not have stable internet access.

“The internet in some areas , it’s not good. Sometimes you cannot have access to internet. I came into the Starbucks to have access to internet to do my homework,” said Rodriguez.

Torres says the middle-mile project will take almost two years to be completed.

So, finally people like Rodriguez will be able to complete their homework at home. 

((take sot/ jenny torres/ city of san luis economic development manager))

“We’re very excited that the Yuma County took the lead to actually pushing this number one priority for all of our community,” said Rodriguez.

Torres says local residences, businesses, agriculture and government agencies all across the county will benefit from this high-speed internet access.


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