Download Desktop Secret Lock – Software to create a password to lock the Desktop screen

Desktop Secret Lock is a useful software that helps you protect against remote computer hacking and unauthorized access to data. With this software, you can lock your computer as if it were unlocked; if anyone clicks or presses any key while in locked mode, will appear on the screen a message to enter the password so that the mouse and keyboard can be manipulated.

What is Desktop Secret Lock?

Desktop Secret Lock provides an extra layer of security for your computer or Server when you want to use Windows.

Desktop Secret Lock uses a method of requiring a password of 3rd party software to increase security, this password is separate from your computer password. While using Desktop Secret Lock, your locked computer appears to be unlocked, but you are being fooled. It is actually in lock mode, securely preventing unauthorized access to the live screen. It can only be unlocked through the Password you have set. Then, if you enter the wrong password, the software will keep a log, and you will know who is trying to access your computer.

at Desktop Secret Lock

main function

  • Lock screen
  • Computer locked in is the same as not locked
  • When a stranger enters your computer, the event is recorded with a Secret Key on the screen.
  • Set password to unlock
  • You will be notified of the intruder’s access permissions.

How to use Desktop Secret Lock to set Password for Desktop

With just a few simple steps, you can lock your mouse and keyboard on Windows with your own Password. When setting a password, Desktop Secret Lock creates its own desktop and displays it instead of your normal Windows desktop. There is no way to return to the normal screen without entering the correct password.

Desktop Secret Lock key

Desktop Secret Lock can lock the screen by using keyboard shortcuts or by specifying a period of time when the computer is inactive.

  1. Auto-lock on Windows startup.
  2. Auto-lock if reboot without unlocking the screen first.
  3. Auto-lock at a specified time.

Download Desktop Secret Lock - Software to create a password to lock the Desktop 7

One nice feature is that Desktop Secret Lock has an option: “Unlock with USB”. This feature is useful if you forget your password. Just plug in your PC’s USB and it will be unlocked.

use usb from windows

Download Desktop Secret Lock

Desktop Secret Lock is currently only available for 14 days, but you can get a permanent license activation key through its Giveaway program.

You need to activate Key Desktop Secret Lock this before May 3, 2022:


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