Phishing Site Creation Tool for Linux and Android

In this article, I will introduce you to a new phishing site creation tool, I think you will love this tool. So we will go find out what this Mip22 tool is so special!

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Introduction and methods of phishing tool Mip22

Mip22 is a tool to create Phishing pages based on 69 different websites such as Facebook, Insta, Ebay, etc. It is also an advanced and modern cybersecurity tool for computers running operating systems. Linux and Android phones running on App Termux for educational purposes. Mip22 is built by author makdosx and posted on Github. Until now, if you don’t understand what Phishing is, learn about it here. And now I will talk through the methods of this tool:

  • Automatic method: This is a method that can automatically generate various Phishing sites and is very easy to use for beginners through Terminal
  • Manual methods: A method by which you can clone the services you want and are very easy to use through a browser service
  • API: This method will give you 3 APIs to advertise these services from the server to the Internet
  • Email: It has 3 famous Email services found on the Internet where you can access to send email
  • VPN: It has various tutorials about VPN on Android operating system
  • Sound: Many music effects on the computer (only done on the computer)

That is the information about the Mip22 tool that I would like to introduce to you. Now I will show you how to download Mip22 and create Phishing page by automatic method, and other methods you can research by yourself =))

How to Download and Use Mip22 on Linux and Android

To download the Mip22 phishing tool on Linux and Android, enter the following command:

On Android you can use Termux

git clone

chmod -R 777 mip22

cd mip22


You wait for the tool to install the necessary modules and after the installation is complete we will have the interface as shown in the picture. Here, I choose the automatic method for it to be fast :))

Mip22 automatic phishing website creation tool

Wow, a lot of things, here I will choose number 13 as Login Facebook, to create a fake Facebook login page to get the victim’s account and password

Create phishing website with mip22

At this point, we will have 4 different options, I will choose number 3 to create a Facebook phishing page.

Introduction and methods of phishing tool Mip22

Now, the tool has given me 3 different Facebook phishing websites, you can send any one to the victim =)).

Mip22 - Phishing Site Creation Tool for Linux and Android 6

And this is the result I got

Mip22 - Phishing Site Creation Tool for Linux and Android 7

That’s it, thank you for taking the time to read this article. Bye bye ^^

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