Register Free .App and .Dev Domains at Porkbun

Continuing the program to give away the free $0 domain, Porkbun now gives .App and .Dev Domain users again. Just register an account and enter payment information, you can register yourself the Domain as you like.

Register Free .App and .Dev Domains at Porkbun

Similar to Porkbun’s free Domain giving programs, now you can choose for yourself 2 Domains with .App and .Dev extensions at no cost. According to domain players, .App and .Dev are often registered by programmers to create Websites to promote software programs or introduce themselves.

However, if you need a Domain to create a Website, it doesn’t matter if you have an .App or .Dev extension, as long as you have a free domain to use, you are lucky. It is not clear when the program for giving .App and .Dev Domain will expire, but you need to register quickly. How to create Porkbun for free as follows:

Visit the Event page to donate Domain .App and .Dev, proceed to select the Domain to register.

When registering, you need to add an existing credit card of 1$, after payment Porkbun will be refunded to your card immediately, so you can rest assured that you will not be charged. After registration is complete, you can adjust DNS to Hosting to start using. Details of how to register a free domain of Porkbun have instructions with pictures in this article, you just follow it.

It is not clear when this program will end, please register as soon as possible.

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