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Given the set \(A = \left\{ {x \in \mathbb{R}|x \ge 2,x \ne 5} \right\}\). A is which of the following sets?

A. \(\left( {2; + \infty } \right)\backslash \left\{ 5 \right\}\)

B. \(\left[{2;5}\right)\)[{2;5}\right)\)

C. \(\left( {2;5} \right)\)

D. \(\left[{2;+\infty}\right)\backslash\left\{5\right\}\)[{2;+\infty}\right)\backslash\left\{5\right\}\)

Detailed explanation

Choose EASY

Set A consists of real numbers greater than or equal to 2 and other than 5, so A =[2;+∞)\{5}[2;+∞)\{5}

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