Adele Set The Internet On Fire With This Teaser For Her Upcoming Album

Legendary pop star Adele shared a video on Instagram and Twitter of her singing “To Be Loved,” the latest cut from her new album “30.” Sitting on her sofa, wearing little makeup and accompanied by a piano, Adele belts out the song in the reliably impressive fashion fans have come to expect from her. 

Commenters understandably lost their minds over how good she sounded, with one gushing on Twitter, “It easily sounds like a classic and one of the greatest songs ever written without even being released yet. ’30’ is going to be her best album yet.” A second fan shrieked, “I CANT!! THIS ALBUM IS GONNA DESTROY ME” alongside a screengrab of actor Sadie Sink crying from Taylor Swift’s recently-released “All Too Well” short film. Another fan remarked, “This song got me crying over people I haven’t met before” while a third noted simply, “You are not real!”

Already, Adele’s latest album is earning some of the biggest raves of her career. Rolling Stone gave the record five stars, as did The Telegraph. Luckily, fans don’t have much longer to wait.


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