Alutha Pasile – “I searched the internet on how to get rid of her body”

Alutha Pasile has been found guilty of murder. Photo: Malibongwe Dayimani

Alutha Pasile has been found guilty of murder. Photo: Malibongwe Dayimani


Alutha Pasile, the man accused of killing University of Fort Hare law student Nosicelo Mtebeni, was on Monday found guilty for murder and defeating the ends of justice.

This came after Pasile pleaded guilty to both charges at the East London High Court on Monday morning.

Throughout the trial, Pasile had flip-flopped about whether he wanted legal representation, at one point telling the court he wanted to represent himself. In the end, he was represented by a Legal Aid attorney.

Pasile killed Mtebeni in the middle of the night in a flat they were sharing in August.

UFH, Nosicelo

Nosicelo Mtebeni’s friends described her as a smart, fun person. Photo: Facebook

He told the court how a fight broke out between the pair after he had gone through Mtebeni’s cellphone and discovered that she had had an affair. Pasile’s statement, in which he confessed to the gruesome murder, was read out by his lawyer in court.

Pasile said he found messages on Mtebeni’s cellphone that said, “I love and miss you”, which were directed to her from another man.

He said that the fight broke out when Mtebeni came back from the bathroom and was busy with her cellphone.

Pasile explained: 

I stabbed her with a knife and the knife fell because she was fighting back. I then pushed her against the wall. She was bleeding profusely. I then discovered that she was not moving or breathing.

“I was scared to be arrested. So, I searched on the internet on how to get rid of a body. I came across a video where a body was dismembered and put into a suitcase. That is where I got the idea.

“I could not sleep. I used a drug called tik. I used the drug to get courage and I then cut the body into pieces. I bought a saw and cut the body into pieces. I admit that my actions were unlawfully (sic) and [intentional] and against the law.”

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He dumped Mtebeni’s body parts on a street corner in East London’s Quigney suburb. According to reports, the former law student’s remaining body parts were also discovered at Pasile’s flat.

Gender activists have been attending the trial throughout demanding swift justice for Mtebeni and her family.



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