Best home internet deals of November 2021

Looking for a good deal on internet? A cheap internet plan isn’t hard to find, but low pricing doesn’t always equate to a good deal. After considering the speeds you get, added equipment costs or the possibility of a price increase while you’re still locked in a contract, even the cheapest plans can lose their deal appeal.

That’s not to say there aren’t any good internet deals available. Internet service providers know they have to stay competitive if they want your business. That’s why things like introductory rates and promotions are in constant flux — internet providers are always vying for your attention, or even better, to lure you away from a competitor.

Some home internet deals are better than others, though — and below, we’ve listed the best offers for the month of November that are separate from these Black Friday internet deals. If any of the following internet plans are available in your area, you can stream and browse the web knowing you got that connection for a heck of a deal.

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  • Starting price: $35 per month
  • Speeds: 300Mbps down, 300Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Up to $250 in rewards cards, HBO Max subscription included with gig service

Bargain internet shoppers will be hard-pressed to find a better deal than AT&T Fiber 300. At $35 per month for up to 300 megabits per second, this plan is significantly cheaper than similar plans from most cable providers, plus you get the advantage of symmetrical download and upload speeds. You’ll have to sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing to get the lowest AT&T pricing, so be sure to do so when ordering.

Is AT&T internet a good deal?

AT&T has some of the lowest pricing on fiber service. Along with the 300Mbps plan mentioned above, the higher-tiered fiber plans are also decent internet deals. AT&T Fiber 500 starts at $45 per month, while gigabit service starts at just $65 per month. It’s not the best deal on gig service you’ll find, but it’s pretty close. AT&T Fiber plans also come with unlimited data and no contract requirements.

Deals from AT&T Internet — which is separate from the company’s fiber service — can be hit or miss. Plan pricing starts at $40 per month, but available speeds can vary widely by location and max out at 75Mbps. You’ll also have a data cap — and overage fees if you exceed it.

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AT&T Home Internet


  • Starting price: $50 per month
  • Speeds: 1,000Mbps down, 35Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: $200 gift card, one month free, 12 months of HBO Max included

Gigabit is the new standard in fast internet, and Optimum is offering gigabit speeds at below-standard rates. At $50 per month for download speeds up to 940Mbps, Optimum 1 Gig is currently the lowest-priced gig plan available from any major provider. New customers who order gig service can also enjoy one free month of service and a year subscription to HBO Max at no extra cost.

Optimum’s service area is limited to the greater New York City area, but pricing is subject to change by location. I found the cheapest gig pricing to the north, around Yorktown Heights, New York, but areas closer to and within the city could see gig pricing around $55 per month or higher.

Is Optimum internet a good deal?

For the first year, yes. Optimum has some of the lowest pricing for high-speed internet of any provider. Additionally, internet service comes with unlimited data, free installation and requires no contract. Optimum also offers Wi-Fi 6 router technology with select plans and a Wi-Fi extender at no extra cost with the gig plan.

After that first year, watch out. That’s when monthly pricing goes up to the standard rate, which is “subject to change.” Altice isn’t exactly forthcoming with just how much of a price increase customers can expect, so you may want to hold on to that $200 rewards card.

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Optimum Internet


  • Starting price: $100 per month
  • Speeds: 2,000Mbps down, 1,000Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Equipment included

Google Fiber takes deals on high-speed internet up a notch with the Fiber 2 Gig plan. Other than Xfinity, Google Fiber is the only major provider to offer a two-gig plan, and it comes at a much lower price than Xfinity’s. Starting at $100 per month, Google Fiber 2 Gig is a better internet deal than single-gig plans from a lot of providers, and has the lowest cost per Mbps (5 cents) of nearly any plan. 

A hundred bucks is likely more than most people would like to shell out for internet each month, but considering the speeds you get, I think the $100 is well worth the cost. Service also comes with unlimited data and your equipment is included, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees adding to the cost.

Is Google Fiber internet a good deal? 

Google Fiber has limited availability (but is working on that) and slightly higher staring prices compared to most providers on this list, but the service is hard to beat otherwise. No high-speed internet deal compares to the speed you get with Google Fiber 2 Gig, and Google Fiber’s single-gig plan is also a good deal starting at $70 per month. 

If it’s available in your area and you don’t mind paying a little extra for premium internet, Google Fiber is the way to go.

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  • Starting price: $90 per month
  • Speeds: 940Mbps down, 880Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Free equipment, $200 gift card, free AMC+ subscription for 12 months

Verizon keeps it interesting with signup bonuses unlike any other ISP. One month Verizon Fios service may come with Disney Plus for a year, the next it could be a Google Stadia subscription and controller. The current flavor of the month is a $200 gift card and free AMC Plus subscription for 12 months when you sign up for gigabit service. Gig service also comes with a free router rental and Wi-Fi range extender, an additional $20 per month value.

Not all Verizon Fios plans come with the $200 gift card. The 200 and 400Mbps plans come with a $50 and $100 gift card, respectively, but all plans come with the free year subscription to AMC Plus.

Is Verizon Fios internet a good deal? 

You really can’t go wrong with any Verizon Fios plan, as they all come with fast speeds and competitive pricing to match. Verizon Fios is also known for superlative customer satisfaction, owning the top spot in American Customer Satisfaction Index ratings over recent years and sharing it with AT&T in 2021. Verizon Fios also earned J.D. Power’s award for best provider in the East. 

Affordable, high-quality service and unmatched customer satisfaction? Now that’s a deal.

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Verizon Fios

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  • Starting price: $103 per month
  • Speeds: 200Mbps down, 10Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Free modem

Spectrum doesn’t want you stuck in a contract, with it or anyone else. Not only does the provider offer contract-free service, it also offers up to $500 to help you get out of your current contract with another provider. And we’re not talking about a bill credit here — Spectrum will cut you a check that covers the amount of your early termination fee, up to $500.

The buyout deal isn’t available with standalone Spectrum internet or some Spectrum double-play plans, however, so you’ll have to sign up for a somewhat pricey plan to qualify. You’ll also need a copy of your final bill including the early termination fee from your previous provider and complete an online form with Spectrum to qualify for this internet deal. It’s a little tedious, but could be well worth it for up to $500 (not to mention the relief of getting out of that pesky contract).

Is Spectrum internet a good deal? 

Spectrum doesn’t particularly impress with its speeds and pricing, but it doesn’t underwhelm either. 

With a starting price of $50 per month, Spectrum is a little higher priced than other providers but the max download speeds aren’t bad at 200Mbps. Spectrum’s gigabit plan is also higher than most at $110 per month, but it does include equipment at no extra cost.

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Spectrum Internet


  • Starting price: $70 a month ($50 for existing Verizon mobile customers)
  • Speeds: 300 to 980Mbps down, 50Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Free modem

As a home internet service, 5G is still relatively new, but providers like T-Mobile and Verizon are keeping prices competitive considering the speed potential of a 5G network. So far, Verizon has the best deal on 5G home internet with download speeds ranging from 300 to 980Mbps and unlimited data starting at $70 a month with no added fees for equipment. If you’re already a Verizon wireless customer, Verizon sweetens the 5G deal by knocking $20 off the price. 

Is Verizon 5G Home Internet a good deal? 

At $70 a month — or $50 a month if you’re a Verizon wireless customer — for speeds in the 300Mpbs to gig range, Verizon’s 5G Home Internet is as good of a deal as any provider, 5G or otherwise. The service also comes with unlimited data, no contract requirements and no equipment fees.

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Verizon Fios

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  • Starting price: $50 per month
  • Speeds: 50Mbps down, 3Mbps up
  • Data cap: None
  • Contract: None
  • Special offer: Three-year price guarantee on prepaid service

For those who prefer internet service on their terms with no hassles or hidden fees, there’s Cox StraightUp Internet. Starting at $50 per month, the service comes with download speeds up to 50Mbps, free equipment, free installation and a three-year price guarantee. Additionally, no contract or credit check is required.

Is Cox internet a good deal? 

For a prepaid plan, Cox StraightUp Internet is a fairly good deal, but the relatively slow speeds keep it from being a great deal. For example, Spectrum offers download speeds up to 200Mbps for the same starting price.

As for standard Cox internet service, there isn’t a whole lot that could be considered deal-worthy. Plan pricing is on par with (or higher than) other major cable internet providers, as are speeds and equipment costs. Service also comes with a one-year contract to get the lowest pricing and a 1.25TB monthly data cap. In short, you can look to Cox for reliable, high-speed internet, but not for any real deals outside of the prepaid service.

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Cox Communications

Internet deals FAQs

What’s the best internet deal?

A plan with low cost per Mbps will often be the better internet deal. Look for plans that offer fast speeds for relatively low pricing. 

For example, AT&T Fiber 500 includes max download and upload speeds starting at $45 per month for a cost per Mbps around nine cents. Compare that to a similarly priced plan from another provider — like the Cox Essential plan which has a slightly lower starting price at $40 per month but significantly lower download and upload speeds — and you’ll likely find AT&T Fiber 500 to be the better internet deal.

If you have the luxury of facing similar pricing and speed options from multiple providers, look for special promotions, equipment costs, contract requirements and other service factors to determine which provider has the best deal.

Can I get a deal on internet without a contract?

Yes. Many providers, including AT&T, Google Fiber and Verizon Fios offer their best internet deals and incentives without making you sign a contract. Other providers, such as Cox and Xfinity, may require you to sign a contract in order to get the lowest price. 

What internet deals are available to students and seniors?

Most major providers have a discount internet program available to qualifying low-income households, including those with students and seniors. Plans are typically in the $20-to-$30 range and often come with broadband speeds of 25Mbps or higher. Additionally, Lifeline is a federal program that grants eligible households up to $9.25 per month to apply to their internet costs. 

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