Black Tool – The most terrible Tool Hack synthesis software

Black Tool is a toolkit that synthesizes popular Hack Tools such as: Brute Force, Hack Wifi, Phishing, …. programmed in Python. You just need to download Black Tool, then choose your favorite Hack tool, Back Tool will download the rest.

Hack Tools are integrated in Black Tool

 ███████████  ████                     █████         ███████████                   ████ 
░░███░░░░░███░░███                    ░░███         ░█░░░███░░░█                  ░░███ 
 ░███    ░███ ░███   ██████    ██████  ░███ █████   ░   ░███  ░   ██████   ██████  ░███ 
 ░██████████  ░███  ░░░░░███  ███░░███ ░███░░███        ░███     ███░░███ ███░░███ ░███ 
 ░███░░░░░███ ░███   ███████ ░███ ░░░  ░██████░         ░███    ░███ ░███░███ ░███ ░███ 
 ░███    ░███ ░███  ███░░███ ░███  ███ ░███░░███        ░███    ░███ ░███░███ ░███ ░███ 
 ███████████  █████░░████████░░██████  ████ █████       █████   ░░██████ ░░██████  █████
░░░░░░░░░░░  ░░░░░  ░░░░░░░░  ░░░░░░  ░░░░ ░░░░░       ░░░░░     ░░░░░░   ░░░░░░  ░░░░░ 

Web Hacking

  • Brute Force: Try account and password based on wordlist
  • Brutex: Try password of all services running on that ip address
  • Bruter Boom: Try FaceBook password based on email or ID
  • Bruter: Try the passwords of the 3 biggest social networking sites: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Face-Book BruteForce: Try Facebook username and password

Cam Hacker

  • Cam Hacker: Hack the victim’s camera
  • Cam Hackers ang: Hack camera based on region
  • Say-Cheese: Take a picture using the victim’s Front Camera
  • Drunk Master
  • Cam Phish: Capture and record the victim’s front camera


  • setoolkit: security testing tools using the Social Engineering method.
  • zphisher
  • nexphishier: A tool to scam social media accounts and banks
  • Soial Phish: Mainly focused on personal data fraud [Dropbox, Microsoft]
  • Black Phish
  • Phish Mailer: Create an HTML page and lure the victim to log in

Wireless Attack

  • wifite: Access point attack tool [Access Point]
  • Ait Attackit: Vulnerability Exploit and Access Point DDos
  • Wirespy:
  • Wifi God
  • Wifi Cracking: Aircrack-ng and Hashcat aggregator


  • Web Info: Tool to get website owner information
  • Setoolkit
  • WebKiller: Crawling and Identity CMS
  • Web Information: Tool scan SubDomain and port scan
  • Th3inspector: Aggregate information of communication methods [Số điện thoại, Thẻ ngân hàng,…. ]

Social Engineer

  • Setoolkit
  • Facebook
  • Fluxion: MITM wifi attack
  • Insta Hack: Hack Instagram account using BruteForce method

Hacking Tools

  • hackingtools: Summary of Mr.Nope’s hacking tool
  • hack Tools: Combination tool of hacking tools and tools to hide your identity
  • Fsociety: Synthesize the script that a hacker needs
  • PTool
  • onex: Hacking tool library (can use both Linux and Termux)
  • Kit Hack

DDos Attack

  • DDos-Attack: Denial of service attack on a certain ip and port
  • hammer
  • Raven: Attack on access points [Access Point]
  • DDos-Attack-MRX: Attack on a website

Sniffing Spoofing

  • Say Cheese: Take a picture of the target’s front camera
  • Say Master: Capture and record the target’s front camera
  • Soial-Enginner-Toolkit: Setoolkit

Instructions for using Black Tool

Note: Back Tool seems to be suffering error quite a lot, you should switch to using Super Link much better.

Open Terminal of Kali Linux or Parrot OS and type the following command

git clone

Or download the file directly here.

Open the tool file

cd Black-Tool

chmod +x *

su root

Enter the user password of kali or parrot and then Enter

Run installer

bash ./

Then run

hack --help

It will bring up the menu

Black Tool help menu

I will try to download setoolkit to my computer

hack --start

Press Enter

black tool functions list

Press 8 and press Enter

Black Tool phishing

choose 1 and press Enter

Black Tool success

Like this is a success.

I will test the tool Setoolkit by cloning Facebook’s login page to Phishing.

First write: setoolkit

Take note y and press Enter

Setoolkit privacysetoolkit menusetoolkit facebook test

So I have successfully tested the tool I downloaded from Black Tool. This is one of the tools that I like to use the most because I don’t have to spend time installing the tools individually because this has already been compiled for me.

Do you find it easier to download hacking tools? Leave a comment to let me know what you think. See more TgaHacking – Webcam hacking and phishing toolkit in Python here

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