BTS’ Jungkook creates internet frenzy with new hair; sports swanky Rs 1.5 lakh jacket in latest video

BTS' Jungkook sports new hair and a swanky jacket for video

BTS’ Jungkook sports new hair and a swanky jacket for video&nbsp

Not a day goes by when Jungkook does not fail to impress us with his style! Be it a brand new piercing or debuting a hair colour, the golden maknae of BTS is uber-cool and knows it too. Recently, he was seen alongside the rest of Bangtan in their Melon Music Award My Record video and it is safe to say that his one glimpse was enough to cause an internet meltdown.

Decked up in swanky clothes, JK looked like a million bucks and not just because of his super expensive jacket. He lighted fans by giving a peek of his current hair which either seems to be ash brown or faded mint green. He had debuted mint green hair for BTS’ Permission to Dance online concert, but fans were quick to point out that his hair was now light brown and reminiscent of the BTS’s Love Yourself: Her era.

Fans were more than happy to see his new hair colour since it was only a matter of time before he switched up his blonde hair for something else. With his piercings too on full display, he surely charmed everyone with his new look. Take a look right here:

And here’s a closer look;

If his jacket has your attention, we won’t blame you because that is one pricey little thing. Of course, Coming straight from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, the staples edition DNA denim jacket will set you back a hefty Rs 1.5 lakh if you wish to sport it too. A staggering price point, isn’t it? But, when you are Jungkook, you are surely bound to have expensive tastes. 

Whether he is going to keep the hair for their trip to the USA and subsequent concerts is yet to be seen. Knowing Jungkook, he just might decide to surprise us with something brand new after all. Whatever he chooses to opt for, he is still going to look dapper as ever and that’s on periodt!

Their USA trip is actually shaping up to be one major treat for fans across the globe. From performing at the AMAs to in front of ARMYs, the boys sure are booked and busy for the rest of the month. In fact, their concert aka their first one in almost two years is one of the most anticipated events for the rest of the year! We can’t wait to see what the boys come up with this time. 


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