Cat born with four ears takes internet by storm, World News

A cat born with four ears due to genetic mutation has taken the internet world by storm after its owner posted a picture of the feline on social media.

Midas, who’s only four months old, has already amassed almost 20,000 Instagram followers in the three weeks her account was created.

The Russian Blue has a genetic mutation which caused him to sprout an extra pair of ears. According to reports, the deformation has been linked to a recessive gene mutation from her parents.

Midas’ four ears aren’t the only unique features on her body. The cat also has an adorable white heart-shaped mark on its belly. 

Midas lives in Turkey and spends time his two Labrador siblings Zeyno, 14, and Suzy, 12.

She’s also “playful but friendly” and spends her days sleeping and nights awake, her owner Canis says.

Midas’ mother, a stray cat, gave birth to her and her six siblings in a garden belonging to a friend of Canis, who then decided to take her home.

Despite having some unique extra features, Canis claims that a vet has cleared the kitten as having a perfect hearing.

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