Chad Read Lubbock TX shooting video leaves internet disturbed 

The internet is baffled by a horrifying incident in Texas where Kyle Carruth opened fire at his partner’s ex-husband, Chad Read, following a heated argument. The event unfolded in Lubbock, Texas, after a feud regarding Read’s child custody.

At the time of writing this article Kyle Carruth was not charged by the police for killing Read. The former’s lawyers are arguing “justifiable homicide” which was carried out in self-defense.

The heated altercation, which took place on November 5 was in regards to the custody dispute between Chad Read and ex-wife Christina Read.

Chad Read’s second wife, Jennifer Read, has now released a statement reading that he was fatally shot by Christina Read’s boyfriend, Kyle Carruth. She also accused the pair of conspiring “to assault and/or murder Chad that day.”

What led to Chad Read’s death?

Widower Jennifer Read captured the argument, which took place outside Kyle Carruth’s South Lubbock residence. The clip, now going viral online, showcased Read arguing with his ex-wife and Carruth. The latter was heard yelling at Read to “get off” his property.

Chad Read then attempted to enter his home. He could also be seen talking to his ex-wife Christina Read, reminding her that he was supposed to have his son from 3:15PM. Read said:

“I’m supposed to have him at 3.15 but you’re playing games telling me that I have to pick him up at six?”

Carruth could then be seen emerging from his home holding a firearm. He shouted “leave” at Read. The latter could then be heard saying- “use it mother f***er.” Read also attempted to take the gun from him.

Carruth then opened fire, shooting at the ground for the first time, which did not deter Read. The former then fired at Read.

As the video of the potential homicide has gone viral on Twitter, netizens now argue that Kyle Carruth must be put behind bars. A few tweets read:

The worst part of the Chad Read video is Kyle Carruth literally taunting his corpse after blasting him. No remorse whatsoever. The moment he picked up the gun, he intended to commit murder.

@solodolo271 Chad Read just got murdered for wanting to know where his son was when it was legally his time to have him and Kyle Carruth is a murderwho i hope gets the death penalty

#ChadRead wanted his son. His ex-wife Christine was playing games. His ex-wifes lover #KyleCarruth decided to calmly walk inside and get a gun because he was a power hungry piece of trash. Now Chad Reads son is spending the holidays with his father’s murderer. #justiceforchadread

@shipwreckedcrew The mother of the children, Christina Read, has endangered the physical health and emotional well-being of the children by permitting them to be in the presence of the man that murdered their father, Chad Read.

Smells like Chad Read’s ex-wife and her new boyfriend conspired to make this scenario play out so that her 2A-fanatic-boyfriend could kill him in cold blood.…

@KLBKNews Chad Read was defending himself against a man with a gun.

I hope Chad Read’s widow gets custody. No son should be forced to leave under the roof of the man who killed their father.

So in this Chad Read story…his baby mama’s boyfriend killed him because they argued after he showed up to get his son at the court appointed time? What was gained? She shouldn’t have custody of her kid anymore either.

@shannonrwatts Chad Read grabbed the gun, using it to sling tiny Kyle Carruth around, he didn’t try to disarm him. I don’t think Read thought Carruth would shoot him but it appears Carruth has been waiting a lifetime to murder a man, call it self defense and see if he can get away with it.

WOW! This murder looks pre-meditated to me. 1) Chad Read’s son was not available to him for pick-up on the appointed day/time/location; 2) The child’s mother’s boyfriend, Kyle Carruth, deliberately aggravated Chad and then shot him with his long gun. Planned and executed.…

According to a press release published by Jennifer Read’s attorney, she is now suing for custody of her step-children.

Kyle Carruth’s attorney David Guinn told KCBD in an interview that the former shot in self-defense. Guinn cited the Castle Doctrine stating that Chad Read was trespassing Carruth’s property.


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