Colin O’Brien’s dating site becomes internet sensation

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Colin O’Brien’s pandemic project is an act of love, literally. He launched a dating website in August where applicants can take their best shot at love — with him, and only him. And it’s had great success: O’Brien heard from more than 300 women.

He had the idea to build the site for years; it was a running joke with friends who thought it would be an amusing experiment. But as O’Brien grew frustrated with how dating apps hinder authenticity in fear of rejection, he chose to take the plunge.

“I felt like on the dating apps, people find so many reasons to reject you and categorize you. And I didn’t want to be doing that; I didn’t want to be recreating that problem myself,” he said.

While O’Brien makes clear that he’s 5’10’’ and a Taurus, he also laid out his “pros and cons” so applicants can know what they’re getting into. But he’s not asking the same from them; he said he’s truly open to whoever comes his way.

O’Brien will join Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air to share stories about his newfound dating life.

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