Create a free domain for 1 year with the latest Freenom

Freenom is a domain registrar that offers unlimited free domains for one year. The only downside is that you can only register extensions like: .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, or .gq.

In this post, I will show you how to register a free domain at Freenom step by step. After that, Freenom’s Domain will be redirected to the VPS IP.

Create a free domain for 1 year with the latest Freenom

Step 1: Go to and Enter the Domain name to be registered, remember to write the domain extension in .tk, .ga. cf….

Last reminder: must type the domain name and .tk or .ga, .cf…. into the. Otherwise, you will not be able to register

create domain freenom free

Step 2: If you see the message Selected green then you can register this domain, you choose Checkout.


Step 3: Always choose 12Months Free , then click Continue.

create a free domain account freenom

Step 4: Enter your Email to register, click Verify My Email Address

Create a free domain for free

Step 5: At this step you have 90% success, now check your email and confirm your account

review checkout

Step 6: Click on the confirmation link in the Email

check email

Step 7: Fill in your personal information to complete account registration. Check in I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

complete order

Step 8: At this step, you have completed the registration of Freenom’s free domain

order confirmation

Step 9: To access Domain management at Freenom, you access this page, choose to login with Gmail

login to gmail

How to adjust DNS Domain Freenom

Edit Record at Freenom

First of all, Freenom’s DNS is quite bad, sometimes when you finish editing but the IP still hasn’t pointed to the VPS, you should switch to Cloudflare’s DNS to act as an intermediary (see instructions below)

Step 1: Select Services -> My Domains

my domains

Step 2: Now we will go to the domain management step in Freenom, select Manage Domains

manage domains

Step 3: Choose Manage Freenom DNS

Manage Freenom DNS

Step 4: Enter the IP information of the VPS to point the Domain to

Name: enter your Domain, as in the example above à

Target: IP VPS

add record

Point Freenom DNS to Cloudflare

You need to Create a CloudFlare account, enter email, password. Then choose Protect your Internet privacy

how to use cloudflare

Enter the Domain you have registered with Freenom.

enter domain

Choose the Free package 0$ and then Continue.sign up for cloudflare for free

Keep pressing tiếp tục -> Confirm

Create a free domain for 1 year with the latest Freenom 10

Scroll down to number 4. Copy 2 values ​​of nameservers


Back to Freenom management page, Select Management Tools -> Nameservers


Check in: Use custom nameservers (enter below), Enter 2 CloudFlare Nameservers values ​​in the box below:

Use custom nameservers

Return to the CloudFlare page, select Done -> Finish Later

finish later

While you wait for Cloudflare to confirm DNS from Freenom, you can set your Domain to VPS’s IP. Choose DNS.


Select Add record:

  • Type: A
  • Name: @
  • IPv4: is the IP of the VPS
  • Proxy status: If used to Hack Data 4G, it should color cloud off Go yellow, and the normal web for Website is turned on to cover the real IP, avoiding the DDOS taste.

dns cloudflare

So I have finished registering and using a free domain name at Freenom for 1 year, please note that only the extensions can be used. .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq stop it

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