Create VPS with Google Cloud for free 2021

Cloud Shell is a Google Cloud command-line environment accessible from anywhere using your browser. You can manage your resources using a command line window that comes preloaded with utilities like gcloud command line tools, kubectl, etc. Taking advantage of Google Cloud’s resources which are free to use, you can easily create VPS with Google Cloud combined with Docker and NOVNC and you can easily remote desktop to your VPS.

Create VPS with Google Cloud for free 2021

Although this is a Linux VPS, you can Remote Desktop like on Windows. On the VPS, there are pre-installed utilities such as Firefox, Chrome, Computer… Currently I don’t know what to use this VPS for except using it to surf the Web.

VPS speed with Google Cloud is about 120Mb / s, if you take advantage to Reup File, it’s pretty great. The downside is that I have not seen a Terminal window to type commands anywhere, maybe the author of this Docker VPS has limited many features.

To create a VPS with Google Cloud, you need a Google, Gmail account to log in to the Cloud environment.

Step 1. Visit the Google Cloud Console page

Step 2. Click on the icon Active Cloud Shell in the upper right corner.

  Create VPS with Google Cloud for free 2021

Step 3. Copy the command below:

docker run -p 6080:80 dorowu/ubuntu-desktop-lxde-vnc

Step 4. Back in the Cloud Shell window, press the key combination Ctrl + DRAW to paste the command in (you can’t right-click to Paste). Then press Enter to execute the command to create VPS with Google Cloud.

Create VPS with Google Cloud for free 2021 4

Step 5. Wait for the process of Download and install Docker for about 1 minute, you will see the command line standing still. Now Click on the . icon Web Preview

change port vps free

Step 6. Change the port to 6080 and then click Change and Preview.

Create VPS with Google Cloud for free 2021 5

Step 7. A new window will appear on the web browser, and you can Remotely access the VPS here. Novnc feature is like teamviewer, you can control Linux vps like on Windows.


Currently, I do not know how long VPS works for free, but there is information that it can be used for 14 hours/week. Please try it out.

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