Dog in lion costume with fake mane leaves internet in splits, adorable video goes viral | viral News

New Delhi: The internet has done it once again, the content that will leave you happy, amused and chuckling all at the same time. In a recent viral video, an adorable dog is seen walking nonchalantly with a lion camouflage flaunting his mane. The lion-like mane makes for a good camouflage enough to give passers-by a real scare. 

In the 12-second clip, a big brown canince dons a lion’s mane appearing from out of nowhere in the middle of a ground full of humans. The video was uploaded on Instagram by @dailygameofficial with the caption “Omg What’s that!”. At the end of the clip, the doggo walks over its owners, who give him a kind pat on the head.  


The user comments to the video will make your day, one user came up with a hilarious combination of the words ‘dog’ and ‘lion’ to call it a ‘Dogli’.

One Instagram user joked, “Low budget lion,’ while another said, “it looks like an Android phone which has an iOS ringtone”. Other interesting comments included “This would scare a lot of people,” “Almost thought it was a skinny lion,”.

The video has garnered nearly 40 lakh likes and comments since being uploaded on Instagram a week ago. 


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