Florida COVID vaccines the lowest among Republicans, Black people, areas without internet

A person receives the COVID-19 vaccine August 13th at the Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth.

Few members of Florida communities where most people are Black or Republican, or where internet access and voter participation are lacking, have gotten the free COVID-19 vaccine, a Palm Beach Post analysis using non-public state data now shows.

For the first time since the summer, Florida health officials have revealed data that can show vaccination rates by race and ethnicity in virtually all of the state’s 67 counties. And a Palm Beach Post analysis of this database, obtained by lawyers representing a consortium of news outlets, reveals stark inoculation divides along racial and political lines — among other factors — down to the ZIP code.

While 64% of Florida residents had gotten at least one shot as of Nov. 5, the latest available data, which includes race and ethnicity, shows that immunization levels remain much lower in communities where many residents are younger or lack college degrees. 


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