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GENEVA — The city is slowly rebuilding an internet presence after a July breach of the city’s website that led to a long process of constructing a new website, said Geneva City Manager Joseph Varckette.

“First and foremost we wanted to get our presence back,” Varckette said. The website can be found at and is in the early stages of development, he said.

“Two links available on the site now are for online tax and utility bill payments,” Varckette said. He said the city wanted residents to have the option to pay online.

“It is going to grow to [be] more of a billboard,” Varckette said. He said the website will be used to provide concrete information regarding city activities and events as it grows over time.

“As things progress, we have a lot of projects that will be coming in 2022,” Varckette said. He said the site will be helpful in  providing detailed information as projects move through different phases.

One of the planned projects is the excavation and paving of West Main from the train overpass to the Route 534 intersection downtown. He said the city hopes the website will become a “go to” place for needed information.

The city’s former site was breached on July 16 and caused a lengthy rebuilding process. At thetime, Varckette sent out a press release discussing the issue on July 20.

“The city of Geneva executive management and information technology department immediately began accessing the city departments that could have exposure,” the statement read.

He said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency were involved in the investigation.

As the new site grows and develops, Varckette envisions more of the billboard concept and less interaction. “It is something we are going to monitor,” he said of the site.

“We will be limiting the amount of links,” Varckette said.


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