Get Seed4Me’s 6-month VPN License License is a service that provides VPN for all platforms such as computers and phones. Similar to Hidemyass, or ExpressVPN, software is more prominent with fast speed and is used by many people. Another plus point is that is offering 6 months of free VPN service.

Features of Seed4Me VPN

Encrypt Wifi Connection

Seed4me’s own encryption creates a ‘tunnel’ that prevents hackers from stealing your data through a public ‘public/open’ Wi-Fi network. Ensure the safety of your Wifi connection and your privacy.

Protect your privacy, browse the Web anonymously

Browse the web anonymously and privately. Your internet connection will look like it’s connected from another location. Use it to unblock and anonymize your access to web content that is banned from 1 country. You will not be tracked or saved when accessing any Website.

VPN server located in many countries

If you travel and need to access the web from different locations, you may find some websites are blocked but you can unblock websites. Use Seed4Me’s servers in multiple countries (e.g. UK, USA, etc.) to access other web content from your phone, as your displayed geographic IP address will differ from real address.

Eg: some xxx websites are not for people Vietnam check it out, you can use a VPN to create an intermediary location where you are America to access that xxx web.

Auto-reconnect VPN, multi-platform support

Don’t worry about leaking your data. VPN can be turned on automatically to establish a VPN connection right before any data is sent to the Internet. Seed4Me supports on all operating systems: Windows, MACOS, Ubuntu, Android, IOS…

Get Seed4Me’s 1 year VPN License

To receive a free 1-year license from Seed4Me, you just need to register using the link below:

Link for 1 year See4Me License Registration

and use Coupon code: TOOSHEH or 6MONTH right at the registration page

seed4me coupon 6 months

Next you need Confirm Email. KYCheck the account’s expiration date at the link, scroll down to section My VPN Access, you will see the parameter Days left: 365 days, equivalent to 1 year.

Now you just need to download the software Seed4Me install on your computer or phone. Then log in with your email account to use it for free. Download link for each operating system:

Windows | Mac | Android | iOS

How to use Seed4Me on a computer

You download Seed4Me VPN at the link above, install and log in as usual. Select the country you need the VPN to go to by clicking on the list as shown:

Get Seed4Me 2 VPN License 6 Months

To check if the connection is successful or not, go to the website: If it shows the correct country where you have VPN, then success.

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