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Recently, Anonyviet Fanpage has continuously received messages from friends telling them how to hack Quizizz, Kahoot or some online puzzle websites created by teachers and I also know that it is also nearing the time when you take the exam. the end of the term and these games are tools for you to pull your GPA. And so today I will introduce to the students of the 4.0 era the Schoolcheat website so that everyone can pull up their scores!

Schoolcheat – Website for students 4.0

Schoolcheat is a website that allows you to access and get answers from online assignment software that teachers or students play when learning online with the current translation situation. This website can get all the answers whether it’s in a private quiz or even has the ability to kick players out of the room. Below are the supporting platforms of SchoolCheat:

All of these sections, if you also hack online learning answers, you will surely remember the following websites: quizizz.rocks, kahoot.rocks, quizlet.rocks, edpuzzle.rocks, edpuzz.ninja. These are the websites that used to make a splash when supporting a lot of students and now it has been aggregated into a single website.

Schoolcheat website

However, when you use it, you can still see ads and there are some features you can’t access because they force you to buy Premium at a relatively cheap price: 5$ for 1 month or 25$ for 9 months (at current rate 22,645.00 Dong only needs more than 100k you can use it for 1 month).

Schoolcheat’s personal review

About the interface: I’m quite satisfied with Schoolcheat’s interface because it’s quite easy to use for students with a simple, non-fancy but modern design.

About features: You can view quiz answers easily and they also develop some features like starting the game yourself or adding bots or kicking players out of the game. Although except for the feature to get answers, the remaining features need to be paid to be able to use, but students are the most users, so they are not too worried about the remaining features because students only use them. used to get answers.

Note before use

  • I know this article will have a lot of students who will use it as a tool to feel lazy to study but if you want to have a better future, then focus on studying and not rely on Hacking software or hacking websites like this
  • Anonyviet will are not assume all responsibility for your implementation and use of Schoolcheat. Please use after consideration

Schoolcheat User Manual

You access to Schoolcheat hack answers to online exercises here. After accessing, click Get Started to start the hacking process!

Note: You need a discord account to use Schoolcheat

Schoolcheat main interface

How to hack Quizizz

Step 1: Click on Quizizz

Choose Quizizz

Step 2: Enter the id or leave the link of the room and press get answer

Get the answer to Quizizz

Instructions for hacking Kahoot

Step 1: Select Kahoot in Dashboard

Choose kahoot

Step 2: On the screen of the game host, find the ID of the game (see more in the tutorial on hacking kahoot) and paste it in. Done, press find Kahoot

Find Kahoot Game

Edpuzzle hack guide

Step 1: On the dashboard page, Select Edpuzzle

Choose Edpuzzle

Step 2: Enter your Token or choose to login with username and password

Login with token or username and pass

Instructions to hack blooket

Step 1: In the Dashboard interface, select Blooket

Choose Blooket

Step 2: Enter the room ID or enter the Room link and press Get answer

Get the blooket room id get answer Guide to Hack Quizlet

Step 1: Go to the Quizlet section of the Dashboard

Choose Quizlet

Step 2: Enter the game code and select get answer

Quizlet get the answer

Newsela hacking guide

Step 1: Select Newsela in Dashboard

Select newsela

Step 2: Enter the link of the article and select Get answer

Enter the link of the article

So I just finished showing you how to use Schoolcheat for easier learning. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so I can answer!

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