Hack Data 4G for free for 30 days with App OpenTunnel

Previously, Anonyviet had articles about Hack 4G using sshmonth or App like Liuliu Tunnel. And hereafter, I will guide everyone another way to hack 4G with high speed. Using OpenTunnel you will get 30 days free when connecting VPN to Hack Data 4G without having to use VPS.

This is a way to use Data 4G for free without having to install additional services or pay for VPS, suitable for those who like “instant noodles”.


  • Telephone
  • SIM 4G Viettel
  • Have access to the Internet to create an account

Guide to Hack 4G

Step 1: Visit FlySSH.com here. (If the server is full, you can use this server.)

FlySSH Hack 4G

Step 2: Scroll down, Create an Account on FlySSH (sometimes some servers can’t be created because they are full. You can wait until the next day to register or change Server to UK or NL!)

Create an Account at FlySSH

It will show information right at the top of the registration section

FlySSh successfully registered

Step 3: Download OpenTunnel here


Step 4: Click on the 3 dashes in the upper corner and select Settings -> SSH Settings

Step 5: Here, please enter the information above on FlySSH

So mine will be:

SSH Host: nl.ssl.flyssh.com

Username : anonyviet_flyssh.com

Password : 123321

SSH port : 443 (this part is automatically 443)

SSH connection

Step 6: Back to home page, under start, Select SSL/TLS (this is the connection type of VPN)

Select Connection Type

Step 7: Click on the SNI box, Record: videoakm1.tv360.vn (this is the most popular SNI). This SNI of Viettel, if you have a SNI of Mobifone or Vinaphone, please share it with everyone.

Enter videoakm1.tv360.vn

Step 8: You click on the start box. When it shows the Connected line, you’re done

Successful connection

The 4G connection speed with OpenTunnel is also quite good, suitable for you to surf the Web, watch Facebook comfortably.

For this way, it will be simpler than SSHmonth, but these two ways are no different. You can choose to use 1 of 2 because it depends on you whether you want the download or upload speed. Usually FlySSH’s server is faster because its connection is better than SSHmonth

So I just instructed one more way to hack 4G without installing a separate server. If you can’t do it or have an error, you can leave a comment below! I will answer everyone’s questions. Wish everyone have a nice day.

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