History of the Age of AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Today AWS is the market leading cloud provider in providing cloud services with a total number of products and services over 175. For 10 consecutive years of achievement, Gartner has been rated as the leader in the cloud market (continued) followed by Azure and GCP) requires a relentless build effort. But let’s take a look at the early days of AWS’s history through this article.

Once Kevin was visiting the AWS office in Singapore, in the pantry there was a large inscription on the wall that said “There’s more to build, more to invent. We are still at DAY 1“. I am really impressed and love AWS from this saying, very humble and constantly surpassing myself.


Indeed, according to data from Synergy Research, in the decade since AWS was founded AWS has grown to become the most successful cloud infrastructure company on the planet with more than 30% market share with approximately $130 billion. America.

The origin of the idea of ​​founding AWS (Amazon Web Services) to understand we need to go back to the 2000s when Amazon.com was an e-commerce company that sold books and records. Behind this e-commerce site is also an information technology system such as servers, databases, storage, load balancers, firewalls… and Amazon.com is becoming more and more popular, making traffic more and more and since then Amazon.com encountered a lot of problems related to scaling (scaling) the application as more users access it. And this is like other traditional businesses, scaling is not easy and slow, it takes months to get the hardware and then install, configure…. blah blah.

It is these issues that have forced Amazon to build an in-house IT system that is smart and agile enough (Agility) to deal with application growth scenarios. And this is the foundation that created AWS.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy is the one who started building from the very first period (F0 ^^), according to him, the core system of AWS needs 3 years to build, since 2000.

Now, let’s dive into the idea of ​​building an internal system like the one mentioned above in response to Amazon.com’s dizzying growth.

In 2000, Amazon wanted to launch an e-commerce service called Merchant.com to help third-party build sales sites that integrate with Amazon.com like Target, Marks & Spencer. And this becomes difficult to do because the team does not have an accurate plan like many other startups. At this point the idea of ​​building core services with API service orientation begins.

In 2003 it is still 3 years before the founding of AWS. Andy Jassy’s team thought about which services to launch first, core services and now coined the phrase “the operating system of Internet”. In this timeframe, there are two very famous characters who play a key role in creating AWS today, Benjamin Black and Chris Pinkham.

Benjamin Black acts as a website engineering manager, he wrote an article about the restructuring of Amazon.com’s infrastructure towards selling virtual servers as a service.

Mr. Benjamin Black wrote the proposal to his boss, Chris Pinkham (VP of IT Infra).

After Benjamin Black and Chris Pinkham finished writing the proposal because Jeff Bezos did not use the slide and was liked by Mr. Bezos. When implementing this idea, Bezos himself had to defend the idea with the council because at this time Amazon.com was still a direct retail company, whether it was right to build AWS. Bezos finally made it. Bezos listened to his employees and got a smart idea from one of his employees.

In 2014 Jeff Bezos approved the idea of ​​implementing Amazon Infrastructure.

In November 2004 the first AWS blog was published with a set of APIs and tools to retrieve the Amazon.com catalog rather than an Infrastructure As A Service.

In 2005, AWS launched privately with a small number of customers. At this time Amazon is also planning to announce the public launch of AWS with some pre-core services such as compute, database, storage.

2006 – A hero is born

  • 19 Mar 2006 – AWS launched Amazon S3
  • 13 Jul 2006 – AWS launched Amazon SQS
  • 25 Aug 2006 – AWS launched Amazon EC2 available for existing AWS customers
  • 22 Aug 2007 – Amazon EC2 public for anyone to use, launched new instance types.
  • 13 Dec 2007 – Amazon SimpleDB is launched. It used a hosted Hadoop framework running on web-scale infrastructure of EC2 and S3
  • 20 Aug 2008 – Launched EBS
  • Nov 18, 2008 – CloudFront
  • Apr 2009 – Amazon EMR
  • May 18, 2009 – ELB
  • 25 Aug 2009 – VPC
  • Oct 22, 2009 – RDS, start to support MySQL
  • 13 Dec 2009 – announce EC2 Spot instances


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