How do I find a Deutsche Welle program on the Internet that has already been broadcast? | Frequently asked questions about DW′s online content | DW

1.    Search

Using the search function at, you can browse through all DW content. With the DW search machine, you can use the special characters ? and “ ” when searching. 
The question mark (?) represents a single arbitrary character. Example: If you enter r?t in the search bar it leads to search results containing a three-letter word with “r” at the beginning and “t” at the end (rat, rot, rut).
You can search for multiple words in a specified order if you use quotation marks (“ ”). Example: If you search for “Deutsche Welle”  you will get results that contain the phrase “Deutsche Welle”.


2.    Media Center search
In the “Media Center”, you can find archived video, audio, and image content. You will find the latest content under “Latest programs”. Under “All media content” you can do a keyword search or filter the content by media, topic, program or date. DW keeps video, audio, and picture galleries in the “Media Center” for a long period of time.

Please be aware that, due to licensing, you can only access documentaries for a limited time as video on demand.

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