How to Active Metasploit Pro to Exploit Vulnerabilities

Metasploit is an automated vulnerability exploit software built into Kali Linux. However, you may not have heard of the Metasploit Pro version. This is an enhanced version with an interface and is a product of the famous security company Rapid 7.

Metasploit Pro Is one mining tool and vulnerability authentication security Yes user interface helps you break down your Pentest (penetration testing) process into smaller and more manageable tasks. With Metasploit Pro, you can leverage the power of Metasploit Framework (built into Kali Linux, Parrot OS) and mining database available via web interface to perform security assessment and authentication gap.

Metasploit Pro allows you to automate the process of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, and gives you the tools to experiment with attacks on vulnerable targets. You can use Metasploit Pro to scan open ports and services, exploit vulnerabilities, collect errors, and generate test reports.

Metasploit Pro is also a tool for a team to work together, allowing you to share tasks and information with members of the penetration testing team. With team collaboration, you can assign each member to perform different tasks on how to exploit the target system. Team members can share goal data, view collected evidence, and create notes to share knowledge about a specific goal.

Finally, Metasploit Pro is a tool with a Web interface for you to identify a system’s vulnerability and take action based on it.

Supported Browsers

Since Metasploit Pro works on a Web interface, you need to install one of the browsers below

  • Google Chrome 10+
  • Mozilla Firefox 18+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Iceweasel 18+

Metasploit Pro is quite expensive, but the company allows users to register for free 14 days using Business Email. After 14 days you can still use another email to continue to register for a 14-day trial. Proceed as follows:

First, go to the Trial Registration page. Use temporary virtual mail to get Business Mail to register for an account.

registration key metaspot pro

Wait about 3-5 minutes, you will receive the Key in Email

How to Active Metasploit Pro to exploit security hole 13

Next, you access Download Metasploit Pro about and install. During the installation process, you need to note a few steps:

Select Metasploit Pro installation directory

Select the Metasploit installation directory

Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall on Windows. If you use Windows Defender, turn off Realtime-Protection scanning.

disable antivirus

This is the step to set up the Port to start Metasploit Pro in the browser. It is best to leave the default as 3790, and remember this Port to open the program half way.

Metasploit boot port

This is the step to create an SSL certificate for Metasploit Pro, you should also leave the default.

laptop design

Now click Next and wait for the installation to complete. In the Welcome screen, click on the link https://localhost:3790. This is also the link to access the Metasploit Pro interface

Importing Metasploit Pro

If your browser has an SSL error, just click on Proceed to localhost (unsafe)

proceed to localhost

Next, you create a user/password to log into Metasploit Pro. This is just a Local account, you can set it later, free name and password.

create user metasploit pro

Next is to enter the Key sent in the mail, select the line Enter Product Key You’ve Received by Email and click Active License.

Activate Your Metasploit License

That’s it, you have activated the 14-day Key for Metasploit Pro for free. To test a target vulnerability scan, select Quick Pentest

quick pentest

Next, name the Project, Enter the IP to be scanned in the box Target Address. Press Start Scan

  quick scan

Now sit back and wait for the security hole scan. When there is a vulnerability, the program will automatically generate a report for you.

how to use metasploit pro

In addition, the program has built-in automatic exploitation feature when detecting vulnerabilities. I will write in the next part (if this part has many people interested).

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