How to create a V2ray Server Using 4G Data for free

So far, Anonyviet has written a lot of articles about Using 4G for free through VPN Server and one of them is Hack using X-ui. Currently, there is still a service called V2ray that helps you create a VPN Server on VPS and the installation is quite simple.

What is V2ray?

V2ray is a software that helps you create private networking based on how VPN works. Features of V2ray include:

  • Multiple Inbound and Outbound Proxy
  • Customize Routing
  • Multiple connection protocols
  • Obfuscation
  • Intermediate proxies
  • Multi Platform Support


  • 1 Phone using Viettel Sim
  • 1 Computer with pre-installed Remote VPS (See how to use MobaXterm remote VPS)
  • 1 VPS running linux (I use Ubuntu 20.04) (See how to create a VPS on Vultr for $100)
  • 1 Domain (See Freenom’s free .tk domain registration guide)

Instructions for creating V2ray Hack 4G

Step 1: You create a Domain and point to the IP of the VPS (For those of you who do not have a domain name, you can see more instructions on getting a free domain name from Freenom here. Remember to point the domain name to the IP of the VPS first.)

Step 2: You update VPS with the following command

apt update

apt upgrade

Step 3: You install V2ray with the following command (Remember to run as root user)

wget -N --no-check-certificate -q -O "" && chmod +x && bash

Step 4: It will show the interface of V2ray, this step choose 2

Menu V2ray

Step 5: They will make sure the time is correct. In this paragraph, please choose Y for yourself

Check V2ray time

Step 6: Enter the Domain you pointed to VPS in step 1

Enter domain

Step 7: They will ask about the connection port. Please continue to enter for me because the default is port 443

Enter Port

Step 8: Then they will ask about Alter ID. Please leave blank and Enter for me

Alter ID V2ray

Step 9: You copy this red line. Copy from the word vmess://.

Link V2ray

Step 10: You send it to your phone and copy it. When done, follow the steps below

Download NapsternetV here

Hacking Guide 1

Hacking Guide 2

Note: The SNI part you enter for me is Please

For those of you who can’t log in, remember to click on the name that the server I just created so that the white part becomes blue!


How to create a V2ray Server Using 4G Data for free 2

So, I have just instructed to create V2ray Hack 4G Free Internet with high speed with VPS. If you have any questions, please leave a comment to let me know! See also: Create your own VPS Server to Hack Data 4G for free here.

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