How to create a Web Server on VPS with Hostvn Script

Many of you have asked me that now I have a VPS but I don’t know what to use it for. So, today I will guide you to create a Web Server on VPS with Hostvn Script for you to use!

What is web server?

Web Server is a computer software capable of accepting requests from various Internet protocols including: HTTP/HTTPS

Webs Server can be used to make a website like Anonyviet or do Cloud Storage like NextCloud, Google Drive or an Online Shop, … etc.

What is Hostvn Script?

Hostvn Script is a panel on Linux that helps you quickly create Web Server and has built-in management tools. Because Hostvn Script is a Panel without an interface, it does not consume much RAM and VPS space.

Especially, Hostvn Script has built-in a lot of optimization tools for Website to help your website work faster, safer and more secure.


  • VPS using CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 21.04, Debian 10 have not installed any services. (see how to register VPS at Vultr)
  • Minimum RAM 512MB
  • Use the root account.

Instructions for installing Webserver on VPS

In this article, I will guide you to install HOSTVN SCRIPT!

Step 1: Install HOSTVN SCRIPT with the following command:

wget && bash install

This took a while to install, everyone

Step 2: Enter your Email

Enter Email into Webserver

Step 3: enter the VPS’s public IPv4 address

IPv4 public address

Step 4: this will force people to change the SSH port, but I advise you not to change it (if you change the SSH port, it’s 8282), choose the number first

change SSH port

Step 5: Install the PHP version you want to install. If you want to be stable, choose php7.4, choose 2

install PHP

After this they will ask if you want to install another version of PHP. I don’t need to choose 2 Please!

Multiple PHP

That’s it, the installation is done. This part is going to take a while, folks.

Install wordpress on Web Server

Step 1: run HostVN Script with the following command


Step 2: here, you choose first to manage domain names

Hostvn main menu

Step 3: Select more domain name by selecting number 2

HostVn Domain Management

Step 4: Enter your domain name. For those of you who do not have a domain name, you can see more instructions on getting a free domain name from Freenom here. Remember to point the domain name to the VPS’s IP first.

enter domain name

Step 5: choose the source code to use (I use wordpress, so choose 1)

source code selection

Step 6: they will ask if a database is available, then choose y

create database

If so, they will ask to create a random database name. This is up to each person, choose y always give fast

Random database informationNext will generate a random password. This is up to everyone

Random Password Mysql

Step 7: At this step I recommend choosing first Please

Install the latest wordpress

Step 8: Change database prefix: this selects n Please

database prefix

Step 9: Next enter your username in wp-admin (this will be the page to post, …vvv)

Set Username for wp-admin

Then they will ask you to enter your email

Enter your email

Enter the website name

enter website name

And here is the website information just created

Website information

Now you access the link: to login to the Website


So I have completed the instructions on how to create a Webserver. If you don’t understand where, please leave a comment to let me know!

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