How to delete redundant last page in Word

Editing with Word with today’s technology is quite easy, isn’t it? But sometimes when you’re editing, you also have some difficulties, don’t you? And many times your text has 1 extra page at the end, what should you do? Today I will show you how to easily delete the redundant last page in Word!

What is redundant last page?

After you have finished your text, sometimes you will have a situation where there is 1 last page left with nothing at the end of the document. For those of you who only use the editor for printing, it’s not a problem, but for those of you who draft contract documents or other documents that you exchange online, leaving the extra pages at the end will cause problems. give the recipient of the text an unprofessional assessment of you. Then how to delete that page? Let’s find out with us!

How to delete redundant last page in Word

Now I will show you how to delete redundant pages in word in an extremely easy and simple way to make your documents look more professional!

Method 1: delete the page in the usual way

This is the easiest way for you to delete a redundant page at the end of the article.

Step 1: You click on the end of your text

Select the location to delete the page

Step 2: You press the Backspace key to delete it

Method 2: For the case that method 1 does not work

For this way then it will work in case 1st way doesn’t work.

Step 1: You turn on the paragraph view mode at Home > paragraph

Enable paragraph view

Step 2: You highlight the part displayed with paragraph marks at the end of the article

Step 3: At that position, right-click > Font

Choose font

Step 4: In the Font dialog box, select the Hidden section and click ok

Font dialog box

So I just finished instructing you how to delete the redundant page at the end of the article. Do you find it simple and easy to do? Leave a comment below in the comments section to let me know what you think!

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