How to Hack OLM Full Score with 8 Steps

In a time of translation like this, surely online learners know the OLM or Online Math website. Today I will guide you to Hack OLM 100% correct.

What is OLM?

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OLM is a website for learning, supplementing and reviewing knowledge for Maths, Literature, English, History, Geography, Chemistry and Physics from Primary to High School. This will be a reliable online learning address for everyone to hone and add useful knowledge.

OLM can organize online exams, support schools so that teachers and students can easily access technology thanks to a simple interface and operation.

Up to now, there have been nearly 1,000 schools across the country using OLM to organize online exams to match the current epidemic situation. All schools highly appreciate the online function of OLM, the enthusiasm and professionalism of the website support team. As a result, students can enjoy a full summer 2021 vacation.

Not only that, OLM also organizes a number of outside activities. For example, weekly quizzes, fun math and English lessons, and awards for outstanding individuals.

A few reminders about hacking OLM

In my opinion, you should not hack these types of websites because it is to cultivate knowledge for us. so that we know our strength and help us review the knowledge we have learned. What I share above is for the purpose of discovery and for educational purposes. I will not be responsible for any of your actions.


  • The computer can connect to the Internet
  • Use a browser that supports Inspect mode (Google chrome, Brave, Microsoft edge, …)

Instructions for hacking OLM

Step 1: Go to the OLM . page

Step 2: Go to the post you want to complete

Step 3: Enter Inspect mode with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I

Hack OLM inspect OLM

Step 4: Into the source -> modules -> teachercategory -> mathplay2.js

hack olm online

Step 5: Press the key combination Ctrl+ F , Take note Runnow.check

How to hack OLM Full points with 8 steps 7

Step 6: Change the value with 1 (lưu ý vẫn để dấu ; ở cuối)

Hack OLM change value

Step 7: Save changes with keystrokes CTRL + S (trên đầu hiện dấu ! là được)

Hack Olm check success

Step 8: Go back and keep clicking submit until 100%

And just now, I showed you how to hack OLM with full points. I do not recommend using this method, but honestly do your work. Leave a comment here to let me know what you think!

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