Hugh Jackman’s Adventure Time Song Sets the Internet Ablaze

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman filmed himself singing Jake’s song about bacon pancakes from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and fans are loving it.

Cartoon Network’s surrealist series Adventure Time wrapped up in 2018, but its ten-season run made fans for life — including famed actor Hugh Jackman, who has an outfit and a performance to prove it.

Jackman posted a short video of himself to his Instagram, which shows him standing in an empty stadium and jubilantly singing part of a song from an Adventure Time episode: “Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes, makin’ pancaaakes!” He’s appropriately attired in a t-shirt featuring Jake the Dog, one of the cartoon’s lead characters, and a stack of bacon pancakes underneath the song lyrics.

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There’s no apparent context for the video, as Jackman’s only notes in the post were the bacon and pancake emojis and the #adventuretime and #baconpancakes hashtags, so it can be assumed that his only purpose was having a bit of fun and celebrating his love for Adventure Time.

He also tagged the Instagram for Cartoon Network, which joined in readily by reblogging the video and adding the remark, “Making [Hugh Jackman] singing #baconpancakes our new ringtone.” Followers of both Jackman’s and Cartoon Network’s accounts were equally delighted, and the video has been making its way across all corners of the internet ever since.

Jackman is best known for starring roles in action and drama films, including Wolverine in Fox’s X-Men series, which many fans consider the defining portrayal of the Marvel superhero. Despite his impressive reputation, though, the actor’s public appearances often contain some tongue-in-cheek humor, particularly when his friendship (and mock rivalry) with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is factored in.

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Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time originally ran for a staggering eight years and 283 episodes. The cartoon centered on the lives of Finn, the last human in a vaguely post-apocalyptic setting, and his adoptive brother Jake, a dog with the power to stretch his body into any shape.

The fan-favorite series returned in 2020 in the form of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, a sequence of four hour-long specials produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by HBO Max. These specials take place in previously unexplored areas of the Adventure Time universe. HBO Max is also planning a spinoff based on Fionna and Cake, the gender-swapped alternate versions of Finn and Jake.

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