i3 Broadband expanding high-speed internet service to Galesburg

GALESBURG — i3 Broadband is expanding its fiber optic, high-speed internet service to the entire city of Galesburg. 

The company announced Wednesday it would invest $15 million to bring broadband service to Galesburg. 

Construction is expected to begin soon with service eventually covering the entire city. 

“By expanding our network to Galesburg, we continue to execute our long-term vision of substantially growing our footprint, and our relationships with each community we serve,” said Brian Olson, Chief Operating Officer of i3 Broadband, in a release. 

Olson said the company will acquire a retail location for service and billing needs and bring new jobs to the community. 

According to the release, the company’s investment will bring high-speed broadband service to homes across Knox County, including the city of Galesburg by 2022. 


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