Instructions for creating a Winx Magic Video to transform on Tiktok

With a huge number of users, Tiktok or you often call it by the dear name Tot Top, there is a trend of creating Winx Magic Videos that are popular with many people and the magic hashtag winx has had up to 5 million times used in over the past few days and there are videos with up to 3 million views. And you who want to be famous on Top Top and get a dizzying number of views, follow the instructions to create Winx Magic Videos below to be able to earn thousands of views in a simple way!

Tiktok and its popularity

TikTok is a Chinese social media and music video platform that was first launched on June 19, for markets outside of China. by Truong Nhat Minh, founder of ByteDance. Till now, Tiktok has 2 billion downloads and now has more than 800 million real users worldwide. Tiktok allows users to create videos with music from 6 seconds to 1 minute in length.

1 Trending number that used to be very popular on Tiktok

Since opening until now, tiktok has had hundreds of millions of videos released with different trends. To know and understand more about some of these trends, I will take a look at the top most popular music on tiktok!

  • top 1: Way Back Home – SHAUN
  • Top 2: That Girl – Olly Murs
  • Top 3: Learn the sound of a cat meowing – Tieu Phong Phong, Tieu Phan Phan

Create a Winx Magic Video Transformation on Tiktok

Before starting to create Winx Magic Video, please go to tiktok and watch this video. This is a video about Trend that I will be making.

Here I will show you how to follow this trend

Step 1: Please click on the link of the song here

Step 2: Click “Select music” to proceed to choose music as background music

  create Winx Magic Videos

Step 3: Go to the timer in the right corner of your screen

Select timer in the right corner

Step 4: Point to part 6.4s so tiktok will automatically stop at that part

Set timer 6.4 seconds

Step 5: Proceed to shoot the first part of the video

Step 6: After the music stops, you choose to continue the countdown. At this point, go out of the frame before the countdown ends!

Last scene

Note: If you have a swivel chair, you can go out of the frame and rotate the chair to make it look more realistic

So I just showed you how to follow the extremely hot trend on Tiktok today. Those of you who have done it and earned thousands of views, please leave a comment below! Wishing you all success in your career To Top

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